Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Geography and Planning - Master of Arts

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The Master's program conforms to the research pattern I, but may be constituted from one of two options: i) four term-length graduate courses plus a thesis weighted at one-half of the total program; ii) six term-length graduate courses plus a thesis weighted at one-quarter of the total program. GPHY 857 Geography Research Seminar  is required for all Master's students in addition to the standard course load.

We also offer a Combined Degree Program (BAH/MA; BSCH/MSC) that allows Geography undergraduate students to take Geography graduate courses as part of their undergraduate program.  These courses (two maximum) will count towards requirements of both their undergraduate and graduate Geography degrees. Students apply late in their third year or early in the fourth year of their undergraduate program.  For details, or to apply, please contact our main office.