Academic Calendar 2021-2022


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Application Procedures

Applications for the Queen's School of Medicine are made through the  Ontario Medical Schools' Application  Service (OMSAS). Please visit the OMSAS site for information regarding the application process. Candidates will be assessed on materials submitted to OMSAS by the application deadlines. Addendums or supplemental materials sent directly to the School of Medicine will be destroyed.

If you have a concern regarding the submission of your application materials or require additional information, please contact the Admissions Office of Undergraduate Medical Education:

Telephone (613)533-3307
or the Ontario Medical Schools' Application Service (OMSAS)
170 Research Lane, Guelph, Ontario N1G 5E2.

OMSAS – Important Dates

Selection Process

Each year 100 new students are selected from a pool of applicants to join our Undergraduate Medical Education Program.  In order for us to select these students, an assessment of each candidate’s suitability for our program and a career in medicine is made based on the following factors:

  • Grade Point Average
  • MCAT
  • CASPer
  • Autobiographical Sketch
  • Reference Letters
  • Interview

The Admissions Committee believes that both academic abilities and specific personal attributes are important in successfully studying and practicing medicine, and will assess these factors at different points during the admission application process.

Process for Indigenous Candidates

The Admissions Committee recognizes the critical shortage of Indigenous physicians in Canada and the need to educate more Indigenous physicians to serve as role models and to address the health care needs of Canada’s Indigenous people.

The Committee has developed an alternative process for assessing Indigenous candidates.

Up to a maximum of four qualified Indigenous students per year may be admitted to the M.D. program by the alternate process. Indigenous candidates may also choose to apply through the regular admission process.

At the time of submission of their application to OMSAS, Indigenous candidates should submit:

  • A separate letter to the Chair, Admissions Committee, in which they declare their Indigenous ancestry and give specific information about First Nation, treaty, community, or organizational affiliation. The letter should request consideration by this alternate process, and should expand on the candidate's academic and personal background, and reasons and motivation for wishing to become a physician.
  • A letter of support from an individual representing the First Nation, community or organization to which the applicant belongs.
  • Proof of ancestry

A panel consisting of representatives from the Admissions Committee and the Indigenous community will review the files of all candidates who wish to be considered by this alternate process and select candidates for interview. The panel will pay particular attention to academic commitment towards a career in medicine. (Only in exceptional circumstances will candidates with an average GPA of less than 3.0 and a MCAT
score of less 120 in each section be selected for interview.)

Candidates identified by the screening panel will be invited for interview at the same time as the general pool of applicants. The candidates will participate in the MMI. The panel interview team will include representatives from the Indigenous community.

For questions regarding the admissions process and related documents, please email

For recruitment events or Indigenous involvement at Queen's School of Medicine, please contact Cortney Clark

Process for Canadian Armed Forces Candidates

Queen's University School of Medicine Additional Medical Student Training Positions for Selected Members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

At the request of the Canadian Armed Forces, Queen's University Undergraduate Medical Education program has completed arrangements with the Canadian Armed Forces to create up to nine additional training positions in the Queen's Medical Doctorate Program. Canadian Forces Staff, who are supported and funded by the DND would be eligible to apply for these positions and offers of admission will be made to those that qualify.

Applicants must apply through OMSAS and indicate in the OMSAS application that they are applying as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Military Medical Training Program (MMTP) - Canadian Armed Forces

Regular Force military candidates interested in the Military Medical Training Program can obtain more information by consulting the following intranet website address:

Military candidates who apply through the MMTP program must meet all application eligibility requirements including the completion of the necessary prerequisite courses.  These candidates must complete the on-line application available at and follow the same application procedures as all other applicants. The application fees and institutional levy will apply and the candidates must follow the same method of payment as all other applicants.

All military candidates wishing to apply to medical schools under MMTP sponsorship MUST inform Director General Military Careers DMCPG 5-2 – at at the same time of their application to the medical schools.

For additional information regarding the MMTP application process please contact:

Name: DMCPG 5-2
Title: Commissioning and Education Programs Supervisor, Director General Military Careers

For additional information regarding Medical Officer recruitment/roles/responsibilities and prospective military service in Health Services it is strongly encouraged to also contact:

Name: Maj Tina Lipcsey
Title: Staff Officer Attraction and Retention, CF Health Services Group Headquarters
Tel: 613-901-1558

International Candidates

Queen’s University School of Medicine admits 100 students annually to the first year of its medical degree program. These 100 positions are reserved for applicants who are Canadian Citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents.

Queen’s University School of Medicine admits up to a maximum of five international students (non-Canadian citizens, non-permanent residents) per year. If accepted into the program, international students are responsible for ensuring that all licensing requirements of the country in which they intend to practice medicine are fulfilled.

Proficiency in the English Language

The Queen’s Medical School Curriculum is conducted entirely in English. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for admission. Those applicants whose native languages do not include English will be required to obtain satisfactory standing in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) proficiency test as part of the application process, and before final acceptance is granted. Any applicant who has recently studied for at least one complete year at a university where English is the official language of instruction may be exempt from the English Language Proficiency Test. An applicant requesting a waiver of the test for this reason should do so in writing and submit it with the application. The Medical School Admissions Committee will make determinations in these cases.

The Queen’s School of Medicine requires the following minimum TOEFL scores:

  • TOEFL Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT):
    • 100
  • TOEFL Paper based Tests:
    • 100


Each international student enrolled in Queen’s School of Medicine is responsible for paying annual fees. These fees include tuition, student activity fees, and a university health insurance premium. Please note: These fees are subject to change each academic year. The fees listed do not include books and equipment, housing and food, or other living expenses. There are no admissions scholarships or bursaries available to international students at this time.

Interested students should contact for further information.

MD/PhD and MD/Master's Program

The combined MD/PhD and MD/ Master’s Programs provide benefits to both scholarship and to the professional development of physician-scientists by allowing better integration of clinical and research training experiences, and also provide better opportunities for fostering translational research.

Our programs are in keeping with the strategic directions of both the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategic Plan and Government of Canada's Science and Technology Strategy, which emphasize the need for providing increased trans-sectorial and multidisciplinary training, building research excellence, translating knowledge into practical applications and deepening the pool of highly skilled individuals. Students in combined MD/graduate programs bring a distinctive, clinical/translational perspective into their laboratories, and conversely, these students also bring a basic science perspective to share with their fellow medical students.  This is especially relevant in the context of the greater emphasis now being placed on team-based learning approaches as an important component of the Queen’s medical curriculum.

Offers and Deferrals

Each year the Queen's School of Medicine coordinates its initial round of offers with the other Ontario Medical Schools.  This means that you will receive the results of your application some time during May.  After the initial round of offers and declines, we will continue to send offers until the class has been filled.  All applicants will receive an email relating to the outcome of their application.   Finally, once the class has been filled, an email will be sent to all applicants on the waitlist.  For these reasons, it is important that if you change your email from the one appearing on the OMSAS application that you let us know.  If you wish to update you email address click here.

Deferred Registration

Requests for deferred registration will be considered by the Admissions Committee from highly qualified students wishing to complete the requirements for their undergraduate or graduate degree before enrolling in the School of Medicine. A maximum of ten students wishing to complete the requirements for their undergraduate or graduate degree may be accepted for deferred registration. Requests for deferral will be considered as they are received and must be received within 14 days of acceptance of your offer to be considered. Requests after August 1st of the year of acceptance will not be considered. Normally, deferred registration will be granted for one year.

Admission Offer Checklist

Entry Requirements


As an entry requirement to Queen’s School of Medicine, students are expected to provide documentation of immunization or immunity, as listed in the Communicable Disease Screening Protocol.

After reviewing the Communicable Disease Screening Policy and Protocol please ensure that the Communicable Disease Screening Form - 1st Year Students is completed by a health care professional and submitted to the Undergraduate Medical Education Office.

Police Records Check Policy

All students who accept an offer of admission into a Medical, Residency, Nursing or Rehabilitation Therapy program will provide evidence of a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening, conducted at their expense, before they will be permitted to register in the program.

The Schools will make reasonable efforts to inform potential applicants of the requirement to have a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening and that a not clear Police Check may result in withdrawal of an offer of admission, or suspension or expulsion from the program.

An applicant or student who submits false, misleading or incomplete information about a criminal charge or criminal record may be subject to sanction by the School and/or the University.

The Ontario Human Rights Code permits the discrimination in the provision of educational services on the basis of a criminal record, provided that a pardon has not been granted under the Criminal Records Act. Accordingly, it would not be a violation of the human rights code to deny admission to the Faculty of Health Sciences to any individual who has a criminal record.

Nevertheless, universities are required to act fairly and reasonably when making decisions that affect the rights and opportunities of others. As a result, decisions which result in the denial of admission to or removal from an academic program must be made thoughtfully, respecting the need for due process.

Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS)

QuARMS is the only pathway of its type in Canada.

The Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) is a unique opportunity for high school students to apply for entry to medical school after only two years of undergraduate study in the Arts, Science, Computing Science or Health Science in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

QuARMS offers 10 exceptional Black and/or Indigenous students graduating high school a unique educational experience that provides them with the opportunity to apply for admission to Queen’s School of Medicine at the end of two years of undergraduate study at Queen’s University. In addition to their enrollment in first and second-year courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science, QuARMS students will be exposed to experiential learning strategies aimed at honing their skills in advocacy, communication, collaboration, and professionalism.

This educational initiative, unique among post-secondary institutions across Canada, affords students the possibility of shortening the minimum length of undergraduate training before applying for admission to medical school at Queen’s, while at the same time enriching and focusing their curricular and extracurricular university experiences. Students who are successful may then receive a Medical Degree (MD) from one of Canada's premier medical schools in a reduced timeframe.

How to Apply to QuARMS

  • Step 1: Apply through OUAC to QUARMS in Arts, Science, Computing, Life Sciences or Health Science and ensure application is submitted by the deadline.
  • Step 2: If selected, complete the supplemental application process.
  • Step 3: After the supplemental application process, if invited, participate in interview process.
  • Step 4: Successfully complete 2 years in Undergrad, fulfilling QuARMS requirements including participation in enriched QuARMS sessions.
  • Step 5: Apply to MD program directly to the School of Medicine Admissions Committee.
  • Step 6: If you are accepted to the MD program, then you are a first year medical student! If you are not accepted, or choose not to apply, then you may remain a student in your degree program.