Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Academic Regulation 17: Immediate Effect of Orders to Protect Patient Safety

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Refer to Queen's University Senate Policy on Student Academic Appeals.

Some academic experiences involve student interaction with third parties and are subject to laws and regulations such as the Regulated Health Professions Act or regulations of the College of Nurses of Ontario. Without excluding other possible circumstances, there are requirements in Nursing where the interests of third parties would justify immediate removal of a student from a situation, course or portion of a program. If a student is removed from a situation, course or, portion of a program, an investigation will be conducted. The student may not return to the clinical setting during the investigation. Based on the outcome of the investigation one or more of the following sanctions may be applied:

  1. Initiation or continuation of a Learning Plan (continue on in the program with close supervision)
  2. A failing grade in the course
  3. Requirement to withdraw from the School of Nursing

If the penalty amounts to a failure in the course, the student may not drop the course, regardless of the deadlines to drop a course. The course failure and requirement to withdraw may be appealed but the student may not return to the course during the appeal process. Refer to Procedures for Review of Student Progress and Appeal Processes-Academic Regulation 22.

The student may request that the Chair, UAPGC expedite the hearing of the appeal. The student may appeal directly to the University Student Appeal Board (USAB) without an intermediate level of appeal. Refer to Queen's University Senate Policy on Student Academic Appeals.

Should you be removed from a course for safety reasons, you must meet with the Associate Director (Undergraduate Nursing Programs) to develop a remedial plan PRIOR to enrolling in any further courses.