Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Academic Regulation 9: Number of Units in a Term and Academic Year

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9.1 - External Agencies and Queen’s University Athletics

The primary purpose of this regulation is to define the number of units a student may register in during any term. For this purpose, students are designated as having either Full- Time or Part-Time Registration Status. Full-time or part-time registration status defines a student’s maximum allowed course load and is based solely on academic criteria. Students should note that many external bodies (e.g. OSAP, Revenue Canada, scholarship agencies, or other academic institutions) and Queen’s University Athletics may have different definitions of full- time or part-time course load for the purposes of grant funding, scholarship eligibility or taxation status. If in doubt of your course load status in regards to such agencies, please  contact the Office of the University Registrar, or the external agency directly, as appropriate, for advice.

9.2 - Normal Course Loads for Full-Time Students

Full-time status is defined as registration in 60% of a full normal course load. Registration status is assessed per term. Students should be aware that if they drop a course, space may not be available in a future term.

9.3 - Maximum Course Loads for Full-Time Students

In any Fall-Winter period, full-time students may be registered in no more than 36.0 units, and no more than 18.0 units in either of the Fall or Winter Terms. More than the normal course load for full-time students should not be sought for the purpose of making up a deficiency due to past failure. First-year students are not encouraged to attempt more than 30.0 units. A student must obtain written permission from the Undergraduate Academic Advisor in order to take more than 36.0 units in the Fall-Winter period (or more than 18.0 units in any one term).

9.4 - Summer Term

Students may be registered in no more than 12 units over the Summer Term (with the exception of the AST students who will be registered in the required courses).  A student must obtain permission from the Undergraduate Academic Advisor in order to take more than 12.0 units in the summer term.