Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Psychology – Joint Honours (Arts) – Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

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PSYC[----]-A or [----]PSYC-A (where [----] is a second subject of study)

Subject:  Administered by the Department of Psychology.
Plan:  Consists of 42.00 units as described below.
Program:  *The Plan, in combination with a Joint Honours Plan in another subject, and with sufficient electives to total 120.00 units (114.00 units for students admitted prior to September 2017), will lead to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree.

1. Core
A. Complete the following:
PSYC 100Principles of Psychology6.00
B. Complete 3.00 units from the following:3.00
Statistics in Psychology
C. Complete the following:
PSYC 203Research Methods in Psychology3.00
2. Option
A. Complete 12.00 units from the following:12.00
Cognitive Psychology
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Brain and Behaviour I
B. Complete 3.00 units from four of the following course lists:12.00
a. PSYC_Cognitive
b. PSYC_BehaviouralNeuroscience
c. PSYC_Clinical
d. PSYC_Developmental
e. PSYC_Social
C. Complete 6.00 units from the following:6.00
PSYC at the 200-level or above
*Elective Courses78.00
Total Units120.00

3. Additional Requirements

A. Maximum of 3.00 units from PSYC_Subs_B. 

4. Substitutions

A. PSYC 202 and PSYC 203 may not be substituted by an equivalent course from another university. Letters of Permission will only be granted in extraordinary cases. These courses may not be repeated, except with the permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

5. Notes

A. A maximum of 6.00 units from courses offered by other Faculties and Schools may be counted toward the program and/or Plan requirements. This includes courses in BMED, COMM, GLPH, LAW, NURS and courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Psychology Course Lists

The following lists contain courses offered through other Departments. In accordance with Academic Regulation 2.5 (Access to Classes), students do not have enrolment priority in all of these courses. Access to these courses may only be made available during the Open Enrolment period, and then only if space permits.


Psychology Substitutions List B (200-level and above)
ANAT 312Functional Neuroanatomy3.00
BCHM 218Molecular Biology3.00
BIOL 205Mendelian and Molecular Genetics3.00
BIOL 206Evolutionary Genetics3.00
BIOL 300Ecology3.00
BIOL 321Animal Behaviour3.00
BIOL 331Analytical Genomics3.00
BIOL 350Evolution and Human Affairs3.00
BIOL 369Sex and Evolution3.00
BIOL 445Neuroethology3.00
BIOM 300Modeling Techniques in Biology3.00
CISC 325Human-Computer Interaction3.00
CISC 352Artificial Intelligence3.00
CISC 452Neural and Genetic Computing3.00
CISC 453Topics in Artificial Intelligence3.00
CISC 455Evolutionary Optimization and Learning3.00
CISC 467Fuzzy Logic3.00
CISC 474Reinforcement Learning3.00
COGS 201Cognition and Computation3.00
COGS 300Programming Cognitive Models3.00
COGS 400Neural and Genetic Cognitive Models3.00
COMM 231Fundamentals of Marketing3.00
COMM 251Organizational Behaviour3.00
COMM 333Marketing Strategy3.00
COMM 351Leadership3.00
COMM 352Organizational Analysis3.00
COMM 355Facilitating Effective Teams3.00
COMM 359Work & Social Inequities3.00
ECON 261Canadian Labour Relations3.00
GPHY 336Geography, the Environment and Human Health3.00
INTS 306Culture, Identity and Self3.00
INTS 307Intercultural Relations3.00
LING 310Phonetics3.00
NSCI 323Cellular Neuroscience3.00
NSCI 324Systems Neuroscience3.00
NSCI 325The Science of Psychedelics3.00
NSCI 401Introduction to Theoretical Neuroscience3.00
NSCI 414Progress in Neuroanatomy and Neuropharmacology3.00
PHIL 301Bioethics3.00
PHIL 311Philosophy of Psychology3.00
PHIL 351Philosophy of Mind3.00
POLS 312Political Behaviour3.00
POLS 313Mass Media and Politics Canada3.00
SOCY 275Theories of Deviance and Social Control3.00
SOCY 276Substantive Issues in Social Deviance3.00
SOCY 387Sociology of Crime and Delinquency3.00
SOCY 388Sociology of Criminal Justice3.00
SOCY 389Gender, Law and Crime3.00
STAT 463Fundamentals of Statistical Inference3.00
STAT 464Discrete Time Series Analysis3.00
STAT 471Sampling and Experimental Design3.00
STAT 473Generalized Linear Models3.00
STAT 486Survival Analysis3.00


Cognitive Neuroscience Courses
PSYC 305Introduction to Comparative Cognition3.00
PSYC 315Introduction to the Analysis of Psychological Signals3.00
PSYC 320Selected Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience3.00
PSYC 321Psycholinguistics3.00
PSYC 323Laboratory in Attention3.00
PSYC 325Cognitive Neuroscience3.00
PSYC 355Comparative Cognition: Cognitive Origins Laboratory3.00
PSYC 376Functional Neuroimaging the Human Brain and Mind3.00
PSYC 377Decision-Making and the Brain: Principles of Neuroeconomics3.00
PSYC 380Advanced Perception3.00
PSYC 420Advanced Topics in Cognitive Psychology3.00
PSYC 421Memory and the Brain3.00
PSYC 422Advanced Topics in Attention3.00
PSYC 423Visual Cognition in the Real World3.00


Behavioural Neuroscience Courses
PSYC 360The Neurobiology and Psychology of Sleep3.00
PSYC 365Selected Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience3.00
PSYC 366Gender/Sex, Hormones, and Behaviour3.00
PSYC 370Brain and Behaviour II3.00
PSYC 375Comparative Cognition: Animal Learning Laboratory3.00
PSYC 470Advanced Topics in Behavioural Neuroscience3.00
PSYC 471Behavioural Pharmacology3.00
PSYC 473Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders3.00


Clinical Psychology Courses
PSYC 330Selected Topics in Clinical Psychology3.00
PSYC 331Introduction to Personality3.00
PSYC 332Health Psychology3.00
PSYC 333Human Sexuality3.00
PSYC 334Laboratory in Psychological Testing3.00
PSYC 335Positive Psychology3.00
PSYC 336Advanced Adult Clinical Psychology3.00
PSYC 337Advanced Child Clinical Psychology3.00
PSYC 428Psychotic Disorders3.00
PSYC 429Pain: Body and Mind3.00
PSYC 433Human Sexual Function and Dysfunction3.00
PSYC 435Advanced Topics in Clinical Psychology3.00
PSYC 436Sexuality and Gender3.00
PSYC 437Mood Disorders3.00
PSYC 438Self-Injury and Suicide3.00
PSYC 439Interpersonal Processes in Depression3.00


Developmental Psychology Courses
PSYC 350Selected Topics in Developmental Psychology3.00
PSYC 351Social and Emotional Development3.00
PSYC 352Cognitive and Language Development3.00
PSYC 353Atypical Development3.00
PSYC 450Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology3.00
PSYC 451Brain Development3.00
PSYC 452Developmental Psycholinguistic3.00
PSYC 453Infancy3.00
PSYC 454Child in Society3.00
PSYC 455Adolescence3.00
PSYC 456Theory of Mind3.00
PSYC 458Neurobiology of Socio-Emotional Development in Adolescence3.00


Social Psychology Courses
PSYC 340Selected Topics in Social Psychology3.00
PSYC 341Laboratory in Social Psychology3.00
PSYC 342The Psychology of Social Influence3.00
PSYC 343Judgement and Decision Making3.00
PSYC 430The Self3.00
PSYC 440Advanced Topics in Social Psychology3.00
PSYC 441Attitudes and Persuasion3.00
PSYC 442Culture and Cognition3.00
PSYC 443Intimate Relationships3.00


Statistic Course Options
BIOL 243Introduction to Statistics3.00
CHEE 209Analysis Of Process Data3.00
COMM 162Managerial Statistics3.00
ECON 250Introduction to Statistics3.00
GPHY 247Introduction to Statistics3.00
KNPE 251Introduction to Statistics3.00
NURS 323Introduction to Statistics3.00
PSYC 202Statistics in Psychology3.00
POLS 285Introduction to Statistics3.00
SOCY 211Introduction to Statistics3.00
STAM 200Introduction to Statistics3.00
STAT 263Introduction to Statistics3.00
STAT 367Engineering Data Analysis4.00