Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Global Action and Engagement Certificate


Subject: Administered by the Department of Global Development Studies.
Plan: Consists of 18.00 units as described below.
Program: The Plan will lead to a Certificate in Global Action and Engagement.

1. Core
A. Complete 6.00 units from the following:6.00
Canada and the "Third World"
Development Studies in Global Perspective
and Canada in the World
B. Complete the following:
DEVS 280Global Engagement3.00
LLCU 111Introduction to Cultures3.00
2. Option
A. Complete 3.00 units from the following:3.00
Policy Advocacy in Global Development
Globally Engaged Experiential Learning
B. Complete 3.00 units from the following course list:3.00
Total Units18.00

3. Notes

A. No more than 9.00 units of core and option courses may be counted toward the requirements of both the Certificate and another program.

B. No more than 9.00 units of core and option courses may be transfer credits from outside Queen’s University.

C. Students may take both of DEVS 361; DEVS 362.

Global Action and Engagement Certificate Course List

The following list contains courses offered through other Departments. In accordance with Academic Regulation 2.6 (Access to Classes), students do not have enrolment priority in all of these courses. Access to these courses may only be made available during the Open Enrolment period, and then only if space permits.


Global Action and Engagement Options
DEVS 220Introduction to Indigenous Studies3.00
DEVS 221Indigenous Studies II - Resistance and Resurgence3.00
DEVS 230The Global Political Economy of Development3.00
DEVS 240Culture and Development3.00
DEVS 250Environmental Transformations3.00
DEVS 260Globalization, Gender, and Development3.00
DEVS 292Topics in Development Studies I3.00
DEVS 293Topics in Development Studies II3.00
DEVS 351Labour and Global Development3.00
DEVS 352Technology and Development3.00
DEVS 353Business and Global Development3.00
DEVS 355AIDS, Power, and Poverty3.00
DEVS 361Policy Advocacy in Global Development3.00
DEVS 362Globally Engaged Experiential Learning3.00
DEVS 392Topics in Development Studies I3.00
ENGL 259Global Shakespeare3.00
FRST 125Basic Business French3.00
GLPH 271Global and Population Health3.00
GLPH 471Advanced Global and Population Health3.00
GPHY 227Cities: Geography, Planning and Urban Life3.00
HIST 200India and the World3.00
HIST 207Global Indigenous Histories3.00
HIST 214Food in Global History3.00
HIST 252Africa in the Modern World3.00
HIST 270Contemporary China3.00
LLCU 209Rio de Janeiro: the Marvelous City3.00