Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Languages, Literatures and Cultures – Major (Arts) – Bachelor of Arts


Subject:  Administered by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
Plan:  Consists of 60.00 units as described below.
Program:  The Plan, alone, or in combination with a Minor in another subject, and with sufficient electives to total 120.00 units, will lead to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2021-2022 Calendar for the previous requirements.

1. Core
A. Complete the following:
LLCU 111Introduction to Cultures3.00
B. Complete the following:
LLCU 203Cultural Anthropology3.00
C. Complete the following:
LLCU 303Applied Intercultural Communication3.00
D. Complete the following:
LLCU 403Stories that Matter: Connecting Languages, Literatures and Cultures3.00
2. Option
A. Complete 3.00 units from the following:3.00
Thinking Locally
Linguistic Diversity and Identity
B. Complete 24.00 units from list 2.B.i or 2.B.ii24.00
i. Two Languages, each at the 200-level or above
a. Complete 12.00 from LLCU_Languages at the 200-level or above
b. Complete 12.00 units from LLCU_Languages at the 100-level or above
ii. One language at the 300-level or above, one language at the 100-level or above
a. Complete 6.00 units from LLUC_Languages at the 300-level or above
b. Complete 6.00 units LLCU_Languages at the 200-level or above
c. Complete 12.00 units from LLCU_Languages at the 100-level or above
C. Complete 12.00 units from the following:12.00
LLCU at the 300-level or above
D. Complete 6.00 units from the following:6.00
LLCU at the 200-level or above
E. Complete 3.00 units from the following:3.00
Elective Courses 60.00
Total Units120.00

3. Additional Requirements

A. Minimum of two different languages from LLCU_Languages to meet Requirement 2.B. 

4. Notes

A. A maximum of 6.00 units from courses offered by other Faculties and Schools may be counted toward the program and/or Plan requirements. This includes courses in BMED, COMM, GLPH, LAW, NURS and courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Languages, Literatures and Cultures Course Lists 

The following lists contain courses offered through other Departments. In accordance with Academic Regulation 2.5 (Access to Classes), students do not have enrolment priority in all of these courses. Access to these courses may only be made available during the Open Enrolment period, and then only if space permits.


Languages Available in the LLCU Major Plan
LLCU 101Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture I3.00
LLCU 102Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture II3.00


Literature Courses
DRAM 301Theories of the Theatre I3.00
ENGL 217Postcolonial Literatures3.00
FREN 230Analyse textuelle et étude de la langue3.00
FREN 241Histoire culturelle et littéraire de l'Ancien Régime3.00
FREN 304Introduction à la littérature française du Moyen Age3.00
FREN 305Le théâtre depuis 19453.00
FREN 315Littérature française de la Renaissance3.00
FREN 323La littérature française de 19e3.00
FREN 324Le roman français du 20e siècle3.00
FREN 325Littérature contemporaine3.00
FREN 342Histoire culturelle et littéraire de la France moderne et contemporaine3.00
FREN 343Histoire culturelle et littéraire de la francophonie et du Québec3.00
FREN 351Ecrits de la Francophonie3.00
FREN 363Histoire de la langue française3.00
FREN 387Littérature du 17e siècle3.00
FREN 388Littérature du 18e siècle3.00
FREN 390Genre et littérature3.00
FREN 391Auteurs et thèmes en littérature québécoise3.00
GRMN 311Culture Through Stories in the 18th and 19th Century3.00
GRMN 312Culture Through Stories in the 20th and 21st Century3.00
GRMN 429Uncanny Encounters: Narrative Analysis of the Fantastic Genre3.00
GRMN 433Conflict and Culture: Literature, Law, and Human Rights3.00
HEBR 393Reading Modern Hebrew Literature3.00
INDG 302Indigenous Theories and Methodologies: Learning through Indigenous Worldviews3.00
ITLN 331Survey of Italian Literature I3.00
ITLN 332Survey of Italian Literature II3.00
ITLN 357Pirandello's Theatre3.00
ITLN 415Dante3.00
ITLN 432From the Romantics to D'Annunzio3.00
LLCU 103Beginning Language and Culture l3.00
LLCU 104Beginning Language and Culture ll3.00
LLCU 215Dante3.00
LLCU 226Italian Literature and Cinema3.00
LLCU 233Survey of Italian Literature I3.00
LLCU 234Survey of Italian Literature II3.00
LLCU 257Pirandello's Theatre3.00
LLCU 301Oral Tradition and Innovation in Cultural Transmission3.00
LLCU 316Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory and Analysis3.00
LLCU 322Conflict and Culture: Literature, Law, and Human Rights3.00
LLCU 329Uncanny Encounters: Narrative Analysis of the Fantastic Genre3.00
LLCU 330Cervantes I: Earlier Works3.00
LLCU 331Cervantes II: Later Works3.00
LLCU 333Acting Out: Sexual and Gender Subversion in Baroque Theatre3.00
LLCU 339XX-Century Italian Playwrights: In Search of the Theatre3.00
LLCU 340European Romanticism3.00


Cultural Courses
ANSH 101Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture I3.00
ANSH 102Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture II3.00
ARTH 245Art & Architecture in Venice6.00
ARTH 248Introduction to Indigenous Arts of North America3.00
ARTH 250Art, Society, and Culture3.00
ARTH 260Culture and Conflict3.00
ARTH 272Latin American Art3.00
ARTH 345Italian Art of the High Renaissance3.00
ARTH 348Arts of the Artic3.00
ARTH 372Art of Colonial Latin America3.00
ARTH 380Venice and its Biennale: Global Circuits of Contemporary Art6.00
ARTH 383The City3.00
BADR 100Thinking Locally3.00
BADR 101Acting Globally3.00
CLST 203Myth and Religion3.00
CLST 309Caravan Cities of the Ancient Near East3.00
CLST 321World Of Late Antiquity3.00
DEVS 100Canada and the "Third World"6.00
DEVS 220Introduction to Indigenous Studies3.00
DEVS 221Indigenous Studies II - Resistance and Resurgence3.00
DEVS 305Cuban Culture & Society6.00
ENGL 293Introductory Approaches to Cultural Studies3.00
ENGL 294Cultural Studies: Theory into Practice3.00
FILM 110Film, Media and Screen Cultures6.00
FILM 236Media and Cultural Studies3.00
FILM 240Media and Popular Culture3.00
FILM 308Popular Cultures3.00
FILM 335Culture and Technology3.00
FILM 338Contemporary Issues in Cultural Studies3.00
FILM 340Advertising and Consumer Culture3.00
FREN 106Communication et culture I3.00
FREN 107Communication et culture II3.00
FREN 118Communication et culture III3.00
FREN 219Communication et culture IV3.00
FREN 285Cinéma et société: aspects culturels de la francophonie3.00
FREN 320Communication et culture V3.00
FREN 327Le Cinéma aujourd'hui: Études thématiques3.00
FREN 392Paris Through Literature, Painting, Cinema and Photography3.00
FREN 396Cinéma et culture québécoise3.00
FRST 290Paris: Through Literature, Painting, Cinema and Photography3.00
GNDS 125Gender, Race and Popular Culture3.00
GNDS 350Feminism, the Body and Visual Culture3.00
GNDS 360Masculinities: Cross Cultural Perspectives3.00
GNDS 432Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Politics3.00
GPHY 101Human Geography3.00
GPHY 227Cities: Geography, Planning and Urban Life3.00
GPHY 229Place, Space, Culture and Social Life3.00
GPHY 254The Caribbean in Globalizing World3.00
GPHY 351Geographies of Indigenous and Settler Relations3.00
GRMN 203German Conversation and Culture3.00
GRMN 306Business German in Workplace3.00
GRMN 307Business German II: German in the Workplace3.00
GRMN 308Topics in Cultural History I3.00
GRMN 309Topics in Cultural History II3.00
GRMN 315Work and Study in Germany3.00
GRMN 317Contemporary Germany through Media and News3.00
GRMN 419Roots of Fascism: Resistance to Liberalism in the 19th Century3.00
GRMN 420Fascism in Europe from Napoleon to Hitler3.00
GRMN 425Is Less More? Historic and Current Cultural Aspects of Minimalism and Reduction3.00
GRMN 426Film in the New Europe3.00
GRMN 427Sickness and Health - Cultural Representations in Medical Discourse3.00
GRMN 531Directed Special Studies I3.00
GRMN 532Directed Special Studies II3.00
HEBR 301Topics in Hebrew3.00
HIST 285Latin America to 1850: The Colonial Experience3.00
HIST 286Latin America from 1850 to Today: The Modern Era3.00
IDIS 302Race and Racism3.00
INDG 295Special Indigenous Topics3.00
INDG 301Indigenous Ways of Knowing3.00
INDG 302Indigenous Theories and Methodologies: Learning through Indigenous Worldviews3.00
INDG 395Special Indigenous Topics3.00
INDG 495Special Indigenous Topics3.00
INTS 2213.00
INTS 306Culture, Identity and Self3.00
INTS 307Intercultural Relations3.00
INTS 321Urban Images: Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Imagined City3.00
INTS 323International Perspectives in the Creative Arts I3.00
INTS 3243.00
ITLN 310Italy and the Classical Tradition3.00
ITLN 408From Fellini to Benighni3.00
LING 100Introduction to Linguistics6.00
LING 202Canadian English3.00
LING 205Language and Power3.00
LING 210Language Acquisition and Learning3.00
LING 370Living Language: Resilience and Revitalization in Practice3.00
LLCU 103Beginning Language and Culture l3.00
LLCU 104Beginning Language and Culture ll3.00
LLCU 200Semiotics: Interpreting the World3.00
LLCU 201Introduction to Romance Philology3.00
LLCU 205The Cultures of a Nation3.00
LLCU 206Rebel Cities3.00
LLCU 207Representations of Business in the Movies3.00
LLCU 209Rio de Janeiro: the Marvelous City3.00
LLCU 210Italy and the Classical Tradition3.00
LLCU 213The Social History of Organized Crime in Canada3.00
LLCU 214Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals and Myth3.00
LLCU 244Hips Don't Lie?: Music and Culture in Latin America3.00
LLCU 247The Dynamic History of Spain3.00
LLCU 248Spanish American Cultural Contexts3.00
LLCU 249Latin Lovers: Love, Sex and Popular Culture3.00
LLCU 270Contemporary Events and Indigenous Cultural Politics3.00
LLCU 271"Other's" Eyes Viewing Indigenous Peoples3.00
LLCU 295Special Topics3.00
LLCU 302Unsettling: Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Settler Colonialism3.00
LLCU 308From Fellini to Benigni3.00
LLCU 309The Films of Pedro Almodóvar3.00
LLCU 319Roots of Fascism: Resistance to Liberalism in the 19th Century3.00
LLCU 320Fascism in Europe from Napoleon to Hitler3.00
LLCU 322Conflict and Culture: Literature, Law, and Human Rights3.00
LLCU 326Film in the New Europe3.00
LLCU 327Sickness and Health - Cultural Representations in Medical Discourse3.00
LLCU 328Gender, Development and Film in Latin America3.00
LLCU 354Women's Voices in Latin America3.00
LLCU 358Film and Politics in Argentina3.00
LLCU 370Indigenous Women and Power3.00
LLCU 372Rotinohnsyonni Indigenography: Iroquois Language, Literatures and Culture3.00
LLCU 395Special Topics3.00
LLCU 432Field Research Practicum at Fudan University6.00
LLCU 495Special Topics I3.00
LLCU 501Directed Readings in Languages, Literatures and Cultures3.00
MUSC 289Global Musics3.00
MUTH 110The Republic to Rationalism: History, Arts, and Performance l3.00
MUTH 111Listening to Revolutions: History, Arts, and Performance ll3.00
PHIL 276Critical Perspective on Social Diversity3.00
RELS 131World Religions/Religious Worlds6.00
RELS 161Contemporary Problems in Religion and Culture6.00
RELS 226Islam3.00
RELS 234Judaism3.00
SOCY 235Race and Racialization3.00
SOCY 273Social Psychology3.00
SOCY 300Sociology of Cities3.00
SOCY 310Visual Culture3.00
SOCY 362Cultural Studies3.00
SPAN 310Artistic Representations of the Spanish Civil War3.00
SPAN 344La Sociedad Espanola A Traves Del Cine3.00
SPAN 354Voces femeninas en America Latina3.00
SPAN 408The Films of Pedro Almodóvar3.00
SPAN 428Gender, Development and Film in Latin America3.00
SPAN 458Film y Politica en Argentina3.00