Academic Calendar 2024-2025

3 Admission

For information regarding admission to the Commerce program, please see Queen's University Undergraduate Admission website.

Admission decisions cannot be appealed. All applicants should note that the Queen’s University Student Academic Appeals Policy states that applicants seeking admission to the University or a Program at Queen’s may not appeal a decision regarding an individual application, whether or not the applicant is, or has been, a student in another Program at Queen’s. By extension, applicants may not appeal any Undergraduate Admission policy.

3.1 Undergraduate Admission Pathway for Indigenous Students 

Queen's provides Indigenous candidates with an additional and alternative pathway for admission to the first year of a full-time, first-entry undergraduate degree program, known as the Indigenous Admission Policy. For more information, see Undergraduate Admission.

3.1.1 Indigenous Self-Identification

Students with Indigenous ancestry can self-identify at any point during their time as a student at Queen’s. The process is voluntary and confidential. Self-identifying provides students with the opportunity to become part of the Indigenous community at Queen’s, practice and/or learn more about their culture, and access resources like tutoring services, scholarships, cultural workshops, and on-campus Elders. For more information, please see Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre.

3.2 First Generation Student Admission Pathway 

A first-generation student is a student who is within the first-generation of their family to pursue post-secondary education in Canada. Queen’s provides first-generation students an additional and alternative admission pathway to the first year of a full-time, first-entry undergraduate degree program. For more information, see Undergraduate Admission.

3.3 Equity Admission Self-Identification

In August 2020, Queen’s University pledged immediate actions to confront systemic racism at the University. In the Declaration of Commitment, Queen’s pledges to identify and eliminate barriers within university policies, procedures, and practices related to the recruitment and admission of Black, Indigenous and other racialized students, and enhance efforts and initiatives to diversify the student population.

To assist in this effort, applicants from a broad range of historically-marginalized groups are encouraged to self-identify to the Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment Office. Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment officers may consider this information in conjunction with the academic record when making offers of admission. For more information, see Undergraduate Admission.