Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Students Starting Fall 2021 and After

Year 1
COMM 101Introduction to Commerce6.00
COMM 111Introduction To Financial Accounting3.00
COMM 112Introduction To Management Accounting3.00
COMM 151Organizational Behaviour3.00
COMM 161Introduction To Mathematical Analysis3.00
COMM 162Managerial Statistics3.00
COMM 171Principles of Economics for Business3.00
COMM 172Managerial Economics3.00
Non-Commerce Electives6.00
Total Units33.00
Year 2
COMM 121Introduction To Finance3.00
COMM 122Finance II3.00
COMM 131Introduction To Marketing3.00
COMM 132Marketing II3.00
COMM 163Business Decision Models I3.00
COMM 173Introduction to International Business3.00
COMM 181Introduction to Human Resources Management3.00
COMM 190Introduction to Digital Business and Technologies3.00
Non-Commerce Electives6.00
Commerce or Non-Commerce Electives3.00
Total Units33.00
Year 3 and Year 4
COMM 341Operations Management 13.00
COMM 306Business for Good: An Introduction to Impact-Driven Leadership 13.00
COMM 401Business and Corporate Strategy 23.00
Commerce Electives30.00
Non-Commerce Electives12.00
Commerce or Non-Commerce Electives9.00
Total Units60.00
Total Required Units
Commerce Required Units60.00
Commerce Elective Units30.00
Non-Commerce Elective Units24.00
Additional Elective Units 112.00
Total Units126.00