Academic Calendar 2023-2024

(CHE2) Bioengineering - Biochemical, Biomedical, Bioenvironmental Sub-Plan, B.A.Sc. (2024)

Second Year CORE 2021-2022

CHEE 209Analysis Of Process Data3.50
CHEE 221Chemical Processes And Systems3.50
CHEE 229Cell Based Engineering Princip4.00
ENCH 211Main Group Chemistry4.75
MTHE 225Ordinary Differential Equations3.50
ENCH 212Princip Of Chem Reactivity4.00
APSC 200Engineering Design & Practice II4.00
APSC 293Engineering Communications1.00
CHEE 210Thermodynamics of Energy Conversion Systems3.50
CHEE 218Laboratory Projects I2.50
CHEE 222Process Dynamics & Num Methods3.50
CHEE 223Fluid Mechanics3.50
ENCH 245Applied Organic Chemistry I4.75
Total Units46.00

Third Year CORE 2022-2023

APSC 221Economic And Business Practice3.00
CHEE 311Fluid Phase And Reaction Equilibrium3.50
CHEE 321Chemical Reaction Engineering3.50
CHEE 330Heat And Mass Transfer3.50
CHEE 342Environmental Biotechnology3.50
CHEE 380Biochemical Engineering3.50
CHEE 315Laboratory Projects II4.00
CHEE 319Process Dynamics & Control3.50
CHEE 331Design of Unit Operations4.50
CHEE 340Biomedical Engineering3.50
CHEE 361Engineering Communications, Ethics & Professionalism1.00
CHEE 371Mitigation of Industrial Pollution3.50
Elective - Complementary Studies3.00
Total Units43.50

Note: It is recommended that students take APSC 221 Economic And Business Practice during the fall term in preparation for CHEE 331 Design of Unit Operations in the winter term.

Fourth Year CORE 2023-2024

CHEE 418Strategies Proc Investigations3.50
CHEE 452Transport Phenomena in Physiological Systems  23.50
CHEE 471Chemical Process Design7.00
Elective - Technical Elective9.00
Elective - Complementary Studies6.00
Select from the following:7.00
Technology, Engineering & Management (TEAM)
Interdisciplinary Projects (PLUS a TECH elective) 1
Multi-disciplinary Industry
Bioengineering Research Project
Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PLUS a TECH elective) 1
Laboratory Projects III (PLUS a TECH elective) 1
Total Units36.00

Technical Electives

Students in the CHE2 Bioengineering - Biochemical, Biomedical, Bioenvironmental sub-plan take one technical elective (TECH) course from the Technical Electives Group A list and two (2) courses from either the Technical Electives Group A or Technical Electives Group B technical electives list.  NOTE:  Students in the Bioengineering option are encouraged to select electives from the relevant elective groupings.

Chemical Process and Bioengineering Sub-plan: Technical Electives

Complementary Studies

Students choose a total of 9 credits from the approved Lists A or B, of which 3 credits must be taken from List A.

Refer to the Complementary Studies section of this calendar for details regarding the requirements for all Engineering plans.

Engineering Economics

To meet the engineering economics requirement, students take APSC 221 Economic And Business Practice (this is a CORE course).


To meet the communications course requirement, students take APSC 293 Engineering Communications and CHEE 361 Engineering Communications, Ethics & Professionalism (these are CORE courses).