Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Chemical Process and Bioengineering Sub-plan: Technical Electives


Should a course on the technical elective list already be a core course for a sub-plan, then that course is excluded as an elective for that sub-plan. For example…

CHEE 340 and CHEE 342 are core courses for the CHE2 sub-plan and thus cannot be counted as electives.

CHEE 323 is a core course for the CHE1 sub-plan and thus cannot be counted as an elective.

APSC 250 has CHEE 229 as an exclusion (a core course taken by CHE2) and thus cannot be counted as an elective.

APSC 303 counts as a Group A Technical Elective or List B Complementary Study upon successful completion of internship.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these elective courses may not be available to students due to pre-requisite course requirements. The student is responsible for confirming that he/she has the necessary prerequisites or permission of the instructor.

PLEASE NOTE: Course availability and the term in which a course is held can change from one academic year to the next. This can occur due to instructor availability or a change to departmental resources. Please refer to SOLUS to find out if the TECH course is offered this upcoming year.

GROUP A Technical Electives

CHEE 340Biomedical Engineering3.50
CHEE 440Pharmaceutical Technology3.50
MECH 393Biomechanical Product Development3.50
MECH 492Biological Fluid Dynamics3.50
Energy, Energy Resources, and Petroleum Engineering
CHEE 270ChemEtronics3.00
CHEE 363Electrochemical Engineering3.50
CHEE 414Foundations of the Oil and Gas Industry3.50
MECH 430Thermal Systems Design4.00
MECH 435Internal Combustion Engines3.50
MECH 437Fuel Cell Technology3.50
MECH 439Turbomachinery3.50
CHEE 342Environmental Biotechnology3.50
CHEE 484Bioremediation3.50
CIVL 371Groundwater Engineering4.00
CIVL 372Water and Wastewater4.00
CIVL 451Lake, Reservoir and Coastal4.00
CIVL 471Subsurface Contamination4.00
Materials Processing
CHEE 323Industrial Catalysis3.50
CHEE 324Organic Process Development3.50
CHEE 460Appl Surface & Colloid Science3.50
CHEE 490Polymer Forms & Proc Tech3.50
MECH 270Materials Science and Engineering3.50
MECH 370Prin Of Materials Processing3.50
MECH 371Fracture Mech & Dislocation3.50
MECH 476Eng Of Polymers And Composite3.50
Minerals Processing
MINE 267Applied Chemistry for Mining3.50
MINE 331Methods Of Mineral Separation4.50
MINE 335Mineral Processing3.00
MINE 451Chemical Extraction Of Metals4.00
MNTC 306Mineral Processing Unit Operations3.00
MNTC 311Ore Body Modelling and Resource Estimation4.50
MNTC 415Metal Extraction Processes4.00
Process Automation, Applied Mathematics & Modeling
CHEE 434Process Control II3.50
ELEC 278Fundamentals Of Information Structures4.00
MECH 480Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance3.50
APSC 303Professional Internship3.50
APSC 401Interdisciplinary Projects4.50

GROUP B Technical Electives  

Applied Chemistry
ENCH 213Intro To Chemical Analysis4.75
ENCH 222Meth Struct Determination3.75
ENCH 311Mechanistic Organic Chem3.50
ENCH 312Transition Metal Chem3.50
ENCH 326Environmental&Green Chemistry3.00
ENCH 411Adv. Analytical Chem3.00
ENCH 422Synthetic Organic Chem3.50
ENCH 424Polymer Chemistry3.00
Applied Mathematics & Statistics
MTHE 339Evolutionary Game Theory3.00
APSC 250Biology Through an Engineering Lens3.50
BCHM 315Proteins and Enzymes3.00
BIOL 335Limnology and Aquatic Ecology3.00
BIOM 300Modeling Techniques in Biology3.00
ENCH 323Biological Chemistry3.00
Energy Resources/Petroleum Engineering
GEOE 238Sedimentology & Stratigraphy4.00