Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Civil Engineering: Technical Electives

Technical Electives List 1

CIVL 430Reinforced Concrete Design3.75
CIVL 442Geotechnical Design3.75
CIVL 450Municipal Hydraulics3.75
CIVL 451Lake, Reservoir and Coastal3.75
CIVL 472Water Treatment3.75
CIVL 473Water Resources Systems3.75
CIVL 431Infrastructure Rehabilitation4.00
CIVL 436Prestressed Concrete4.00
CIVL 443Geoenvironmental Design4.00
CIVL 455River Engineering4.00
CIVL 471Subsurface Contamination4.00
CIVL 490Selected Topics in Civil Engineering3.75
CIVL 491Selected Topics in Civil Engineering3.75
CIVL 500Civil Engineering Thesis4.00

Technical Electives List 2

APSC 250Biology Through an Engineering Lens3.50
APSC 381Advanced Design and Skills for Innovation3.50
APSC 480Multi-disciplinary Industry9.00
CHEE 330Heat And Mass Transfer3.50
CHEE 342Environmental Biotechnology3.50
CHEE 371Mitigation of Industrial Pollution3.50
CHEE 380Biochemical Engineering3.50
CHEE 484Bioremediation3.50
GEOE 313Geomechanics and Engineering Geology4.00
GEOE 333Terrain Evaluation4.00
GEOE 414Foundations of the Oil and Gas Industry3.50
MECH 230Applied Thermodynamics I3.50
MECH 341Fluid Mechanics II3.50
MECH 346Heat Transfer3.50
MECH 371Fracture Mech & Dislocation3.50
MECH 394Frontiers in Biomechanical Engineering3.50
MECH 424Sustainable Product Design3.50
MECH 444Computational Fluid Dynamics3.50
MECH 465Computer Aided Design3.50
MECH 495Ergonomics And Design3.50
MINE 201Introduction to Mining and Mineral Processing4.00
MINE 272Applied Data Science4.50
MINE 321Drilling & Blasting4.50
MINE 324Hydraulics/Mining Applications3.50
MINE 339Mine Ventilation4.50
MINE 422Mining And Sustainability4.00
MINE 459Risk and Reliability Analysis for Industrial Asset Management, Health & Safety4.00
MINE 472Mining Systems, Automation, and Robotics3.50
MNTC P07Surveying Principles3.00
MNTC 314Drilling and Blasting4.00
MNTC 408Mine Health and Safety3.00
MNTC 418Sustainability and the Environment3.00
MNTC 423Geomatics3.00
SURP 855Environ. Planning & Management3.00
SURP 853Environmental Services3.00