Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Computer Engineering, B.A.Sc. (Class of 2027)

Elective courses in years three and four are to be chosen from Electives Lists A and B shown below (under Fourth Year), and by consulting suggested Streams and prerequisite paths. Your complete degree program must:

  1. Satisfy the minimum Accreditation Units (AU) set by ECE in each CEAB category.
  2. Have at least 5 four-hundred level elective courses.
  3. Have at least 3 courses from Electives Lists A and B that satisfy the Department criteria for qualified accreditation units in the categories of engineering science and engineering design.
  4. Have at least 3 courses from Elective List B.
  5. Counting required core courses and elective courses in all four years, result in a total of no fewer than 157.5 credits for the complete program.

Available combinations of elective courses are subject to timetabling constraints.

Second Year CORE 2024-2025

ELEC 221Electric Circuits4.25
ELEC 252Electronics I4.25
ELEC 270Discrete Mathematics with Computer Engineering App3.50
ELEC 271Digital Systems4.00
ELEC 274Computer Architecture4.00
ELEC 278Fundamentals Of Information Structures4.00
ELEC 279Introduction to Object Oriented Programming4.00
ELEC 280Fundamentals of Electromagnetics3.75
ELEC 290Electrical and Computer Engineering Design and Practice5.00
ELEC 292Introduction to Data Science3.00
MTHE 225Ordinary Differential Equations3.50
or MTHE 235 Diff Equations For Elec & Comp
Complementary Studies List A - Fall3.00
Total Units46.25

Third Year CORE 2025-2026

ELEC 326Probability & Random Processes3.50
ELEC 371Microprocessor Interfacing and Embedded Systems4.00
ELEC 373Computer Networks3.50
ELEC 374Digital Systems Engineering4.25
ELEC 377Operating Systems4.00
ELEC 379Algorithms with Engineering Applications4.00
ELEC 390Principles of Design and Development3.50
APSC 221Economic And Business Practice3.00
CMPE 223Software Specifications3.00-3.50
or ELEC 376 Software Development Methodology
Technical Electives (choose 1)3.00
Complementary Studies3.00
Total Units38.75-39.25

Fourth Year CORE 2026-2027

ELEC 498Computer Engineering Project 17.00
Technical Electives19.10-19.60
Complementary Studies3.00
Total Units29.10-29.60


Computer Engineering: Electives

Course Prerequisites

Normally, registration in a course offered by the Department is allowed provided a mark of at least D- has been achieved in each of the prerequisites for the course. Students having one course prerequisite (numbered 200 or higher) with a mark of FR may still be able to register in a course offered by the Department provided their Engineering Cumulative GPA is at least 2.0 at the end of the previous session. Prerequisites are listed under the calendar description for each course.

Complementary Studies

Refer to the Complementary Studies section of this calendar for details regarding the requirements for all Engineering plans. For the Computer Engineering Program, the Engineering Economics course is APSC 221 Economic And Business Practice. Communications units are included within the design courses ELEC 290 Electrical and Computer Engineering Design and PracticeELEC 390 Principles of Design and Development, and ELEC 498 Computer Engineering Project.