Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Electrical Engineering: Electives

Electives List A

ELEC 270Discrete Mathematics with Computer Engineering App3.50
ELEC 279Introduction to Object Oriented Programming4.00
ELEC 333Electric Machines4.25
ELEC 344Sensors and Actuators3.75
ELEC 345Sensor Fabrication Technologies3.25
ELEC 373Computer Networks3.50
ELEC 374Digital Systems Engineering4.25
ELEC 408Biomedical Signal and Image Processing3.00
ELEC 409Bioinformatic Analytics3.00
ELEC 421Digital Signal Processing: Filters and System Design4.00
ELEC 422Digital Signal Processing: Random Models and Applications3.50
ELEC 425Machine Learning and Deep Learning3.50
ELEC 431Power Electronics3.25
ELEC 433Energy and Power Systems3.50
ELEC 436Electric Machines and Control3.00
ELEC 443Linear Control Systems4.00
ELEC 444Modeling and Computer Control of Mechatronic Systems3.25
ELEC 448Introduction To Robotics3.50
or MREN 348 Introduction to Robotics
ELEC 451Digital Integrated Circuit Engineering3.25
ELEC 454Analog Electronics3.25
ELEC 457Integrated Circuits and System Application3.50
ELEC 461Digital Communications3.50
ELEC 464Wireless Communications3.00
ELEC 470Computer System Architecture3.50
ELEC 472Artificial Intelligence3.50
ELEC 473Cryptography and Network Security3.00
ELEC 474Machine Vision3.50
ELEC 475Computer Vision with Deep Learning3.50
ELEC 481Applications of Photonics3.00
ELEC 483Microwave and RF Circuits and Systems4.25
ELEC 486Fiber Optic Communication3.75
ELEC 497Research Project3.50

Electives List B

APSC 303Professional Internship3.50
APSC 400Technology, Engineering & Management (TEAM)7.00
APSC 401Interdisciplinary Projects4.50
CHEE 340Biomedical Engineering3.50
ENPH 460Laser Optics3.50
CMPE 3XX Any Third Year Computing Science Course3.00
CMPE 4XX Any Fourth Year Computing Science Course3.00
MTHE 337Intro. To Operations Research3.00
MTHE 367Engineering Data Analysis3.50
MTHE 430Control Theory4.00
MTHE 455Stochastic Processes & Applications3.50
MTHE 472Optimization and Control of Stochastic Systems3.50
MTHE 474Information Theory3.50
MTHE 477Data Compression and Source Coding: Theory and Algorithms3.00
MTHE 478Topics In Communication Theory3.00
MECH 228Kinematics And Dynamics3.50
MECH 328Dynamics And Vibration3.50
MECH 393Biomechanical Product Developm3.50
MECH 423Introduction To Microsystems3.50
MECH 455Computer Integrated Manufacturing3.50
MECH 465Computer Aided Design3.50
MECH 478Biomaterials3.50
MECH 494Kinematics Of Human Motion3.50
MINE 472Mining Systems, Automation, and Robotics3.50