Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Geological Engineering, B.A.Sc. (Class of 2024)

Second Year Core 2021-2022

APSC 200Engineering Design & Practice II4.00
APSC 221Economic And Business Practice3.00
APSC 293Engineering Communications1.00
CHEE 209Analysis Of Process Data3.50
CIVL 230Solid Mechanics I4.25
GEOE 207History of Life3.50
GEOE 221Geological Engineering Field Methods5.00
GEOE 232Mineralogy4.50
GEOE 235Gen & Char Solid Earth Mtls4.00
GEOE 238Sedimentology & Stratigraphy4.00
GEOE 249Geophysical Char Of The Earth3.50
GEOE 281Introduction to Geological Engineering4.00
MTHE 225Ordinary Differential Equations 13.50
Total Units47.75

Third Year Core 2022-2023

CIVL 340Geotechnical Engineering 14.00
GEOE 300Geological Engineering Field School 14.00
GEOE 313Geomechanics and Engineering Geology4.00
GEOE 319Applied Geophysics4.50
GEOE 321Structural Geology4.00
GEOE 333Terrain Evaluation4.00
GEOE 343Applied Hydrogeology3.50
GEOE 345Site Investigation & Geological Engineering Design4.00
GEOE 359Applied Quantitative Analysis in Geological Engineering3.50
GEOE 362Resource Engineering4.50
GEOE 365Geochemical Characterization Of The Earth4.00
Technical Elective 3.50
Total Units47.50

Fourth Year Core 2023-2024

GEOE 446Engineering Design Project I4.00
GEOE 447Engineering Design Project II5.50
Technical Elective F/W3.50
Technical Elective F/W3.50
Technical Elective F/W3.50
Technical Elective F/W3.50
Complementary Studies Elective F/W3.00
Complementary Studies Elective F/W3.00
Total Units29.50

Electives (Classes of 2024)

The Geological Engineering student requires a total of 17.5 Technical Elective (TE) Credits (210 AUs). These are typically, (but not exclusively) taken as 5 TE elective courses with a minimum average of 3.5 Credits or 42 AUs per course.  These courses can be taken at any point during the program to accommodate timetabling but normally only in third and fourth year.  Students should plan to ensure that prerequisite and corequisite requirements are met for the full suite of TE or CS electives they wish to take during their program.  Students should note that a reduction of total course load to less than 80% of the normal load may prevent them from holding Queen's University scholarships.

It is mandatory that at least 7 Credits of Technical Electives (TE) be taken from the following list: 

APSC 381Advanced Design and Skills for Innovation3.50
APSC 480Multi-disciplinary Industry9.00
CIVL 215Materials For Civil Engineers4.50
CIVL 250Hydraulics I4.00
CIVL 341Geotechnical Engineering 24.00
CIVL 443Geoenvironmental Design4.00
CIVL 471Subsurface Contamination4.00
GEOE 410Geological Engineering Field School4.00
GEOE 413Rock Engineering Design3.50
GEOE 462Advanced Petrogenesis and Metallogenesis4.50
MECH 270Materials Science and Engineering3.50
MINE 321Drilling & Blasting4.50
MINE 467Geostatistics and Orebody Modelling4.50

Geological Engineering: Technical Electives

Complementary Studies

Refer to the Complementary Studies section of this calendar for courses that may be taken for all Engineering programs. For the Geological Engineering Program, the Engineering Economics course is APSC 221 Economic And Business Practice, and the Communications course is APSC 293 Engineering Communications in addition to first year program and the three Complementary Studies courses (as above): 3 credits from List A and 6 credits from Lists A or B.