Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Mathematics and Engineering, Applied Mechanics (M6): Technical Electives

List I

(choose at least two courses)

MTHE 353Probability II3.00
MTHE 406Introduction To Coding Theory3.00
MTHE 418Number Theory & Cryptography3.00
MTHE 434Optimization Theory with Applications to Machine Learning3.50
MTHE 472Optimization and Control of Stochastic Systems3.00
MTHE 437Topics In Applied Mathematics3.50
MTHE 439Lagrangian Mechcanics, Dynamics Control3.50
MTHE 457Statistical Learning3.00

List II

MECH 346Heat Transfer3.50
MECH 420Vibrations3.50
MECH 424Sustainable Product Design3.50
MECH 435Internal Combustion Engines3.50
MECH 439Turbomachinery3.50
MECH 441Fluid Mechanics III3.50
MECH 444Computational Fluid Dynamics3.50
MECH 448Compressible Fluid Flow3.50
MECH 452Mechatronics Engineering5.00
MECH 455Computer Integrated Manufactur3.50
MECH 456Introduction To Robotics3.50
or ELEC 448 Introduction To Robotics
MECH 465Computer Aided Design3.50
MECH 480Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance3.50
MECH 482Noise Control3.50
MECH 492Biological Fluid Dynamics3.50
MECH 494Kinematics Of Human Motion3.50
MECH 495Ergonomics And Design3.50
MECH 496Musculoskeletal Biomechanics3.50
MECH 430Thermal Systems Design4.00
MINE 472Mining Systems, Automation, and Robotics3.50