Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Mathematics and Engineering, Systems and Robotics (M11): Technical Electives

List I

MTHE 406Introduction To Coding Theory3.00
MTHE 434Optimization Theory with Applications to Machine Learning3.50
MTHE 439Lagrangian Mechcanics, Dynamics Control3.50
MTHE 477Data Compression and Source Coding: Theory and Algorithms3.00
MTHE 478Topics In Communication Theory3.00
MTHE 484Data Networks3.00
MTHE 454Statistical Spectrum Estimation3.00
MTHE 455Stochastic Processes & Applications3.50
MTHE 433Continuum Mechanics with Applications3.50
MTHE 437Topics In Applied Mathematics3.50
MTHE 418Number Theory & Cryptography3.00
MTHE 457Statistical Learning3.00

List II

ELEC 353Electronics II4.25
ELEC 421Digital Signal Processing: Filters and System Design4.00
ELEC 431Power Electronics3.25
ELEC 448Introduction To Robotics3.50
or MECH 456 Introduction To Robotics
ELEC 454Analog Electronics3.25
ELEC 457Integrated Circuits and System Application3.50
ELEC 461Digital Communications3.50
ELEC 464Wireless Communications3.00
ELEC 483Microwave and RF Circuits and Systems4.25
ELEC 486Fiber Optic Communication3.75
MECH 452Mechatronics Engineering5.00
MINE 472Mining Systems, Automation, and Robotics3.50