Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Mechatronics Robotics Engineering, B.A.Sc. (Class of 2025)

First Year 2021-2022

MREN 103Mechatronics and Robotics Design I4.00
MREN 178Data Structures and Algorithms4.00
APSC 101Engineering Design & Practice3.50
APSC 102Experimentation2.00
APSC 111Physics I3.30
APSC 112Physics II3.30
APSC 131Chemistry of Engineering Materials and Processes3.30
APSC 143Introduction to Computer Programming for Engineers3.30
APSC 162Engineering Graphics2.50
APSC 171Calculus I3.30
APSC 172Calculus II3.30
APSC 174Introduction To Linear Algebra3.30
APSC 182Applied Engineering Mechanics1.70
APSC 199English Proficiency for Engineers0.20
Total Units41.00

Second Year 2022-2023

MREN 203Mechatronics and Robotics Design II4.00
MREN 223Signals and Systems4.00
MREN 230Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer3.75
MREN 241Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power3.75
ELEC 221Electric Circuits4.25
ELEC 252Electronics I4.25
ELEC 271Digital Systems4.00
ELEC 274Computer Architecture4.00
MECH 221Solid Mechanics I3.50
MECH 228Kinematics And Dynamics3.50
MTHE 228Complex Analysis3.50
MTHE 237Differential Equations for Engineering Science3.50
Total Units46.00

Third Year 2023-2024

APSC 221Economic And Business Practice3.00
MREN 303Mechatronics and Robotics Design III4.00
MREN 318Sensors and Electric Actuators4.25
MREN 320Introduction to Industrial Automation3.50
MREN 348Introduction to Robotics4.00
ELEC 326Probability & Random Processes3.50
ELEC 371Microprocessor Interfacing and Embedded Systems4.00
ELEC 372Numerical Methods and Optimization3.50
ELEC 353Electronics II4.25
ELEC 373Computer Networks3.50
MECH 350Automatic Control3.50
Plus choose one (1) Complementary Studies course3.00
Total Units44.00

Fourth Year 2024-2025

MREN 403Mechatronics and Robotics Design IV8.00
MREN 410Intelligent Machines and Autonomous Systems3.50
Two Complementary Studies courses
Three Free Technical Electives (Any FEAS course at the 200, 300 or 400 level (timetable permitting), or permission of the program)
Five Primary Technical Electives (recommended Concentrations below):
Power Electronics
Introduction To Microsystems
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Electric Machines and Control
Modeling and Computer Control of Mechatronic Systems
Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
Biomechanical Product Developm
Frontiers in Biomechanical Engineering
Ergonomics And Design
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
Intelligent Systems
Digital Signal Processing: Filters and System Design
Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Vision
Human-Computer Interaction