Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Mining Engineering Technology, BTech

Bridge Curriculum

MNTC P01Engineering Mathematics3.00
MNTC P02Mining Geology3.00
MNTC P03Foundational Mathematics3.00
MNTC P04Calculus3.00
MNTC P05Foundational Physics3.00
MNTC P06Foundational Chemistry3.00
MNTC P07Surveying Principles3.00
Total Units21.00

Third Year Curriculum

APSC 199English Proficiency for Engineers0.20
APSC 221Economic And Business Practice3.00
MNTC 301Technical Writing and Communication3.00
MNTC 302Engineering Physics3.00
MNTC 303Engineering Chemistry3.00
MNTC 304Applied Metrology and Data Analysis3.00
MNTC 305Introduction to Mining4.00
MNTC 306Mineral Processing Unit Operations3.00
MNTC 307Geomechanics and Ground4.00
MNTC 310Mining and Society3.00
MNTC 313Introduction to Programming3.00
MNTC 314Drilling and Blasting4.00
MNTC 316Ventilation and Hydraulics4.00
MNTC 399Field School I (on site) (on site)5.00
Total Units45.20

Fourth Year Curriculum

LAW 204Corporate Law3.00
MNTC 311Ore Body Modelling and Resource Estimation4.50
MNTC 408Mine Health and Safety3.00
MNTC 409Mineral Economics3.50
MNTC 413Surface Mine Design4.00
MNTC 414Underground Mine Planning4.00
MNTC 415Metal Extraction Processes4.00
MNTC 418Sustainability and the Environment3.00
MNTC 419Mine Supervision and Project Management3.00
MNTC 420Physical Asset Management3.00
MNTC 423Geomatics3.00
MNTC 498Capstone Project3.00
MNTC 499Field School II (on site) (on site)5.00
Total Units46.00