Academic Calendar 2023-2024

List A

Complementary Studies - List A

Courses in LIST A introduce students to subject matter that deals with central issues, methodologies, and thought processes of the humanities and social sciences.

NOTE: A course will be accepted as a Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS) credit only if it appears on the list of approved H&SS courses for the Academic Session in which the course is taken.

Art History
ARTH Levels 1-3ARTH 1XX-3XX (except ARTH 245, ARTH 380, ARTH 395)
Bader College (online)
BADR 100Thinking Locally3.00
BADR 101Acting Globally3.00
Classical Studies
CLST Levels 1-2CLST 1XX-2XX
CLST 321World Of Late Antiquity3.00
CLST 332The Iron Age to the End of the Persian Wars3.00
CLST 333The Rise of the Athenian Empire to the End of the Peloponnesian War3.00
CLST 334Fourth Century Greece to the Death of Alexander3.00
CLST 335The Hellenistic Successor Kingdoms to the Death of Cleopatra3.00
CLST 340The Roman Republic3.00
CLST 341The Roman Empire3.00
CLST 343The Later Roman Empire3.00
CLST 350Greek Perspectives on Ethnicity and Indigeneity3.00
COMM 251Organizational Behaviour3.00
COMM 651Organizational Behaviour3.00
Creative Writing
CWRI 295Introduction to Creative Writing in Short Fiction and Poetry3.00
CWRI 397The Literary Screenplay3.00
Developmental Studies
DEVS 100Canada and the "Third World"6.00
DEVS 220Introduction to Indigenous Studies3.00
DEVS 221Indigenous Studies II - Resistance and Resurgence3.00
DEVS 230The Global Political Economy of Development3.00
DEVS 240Culture and Development3.00
DEVS 260Globalization, Gender, and Development3.00
DEVS 280Global Engagement3.00
DEVS 352Technology and Development3.00
DEVS 410
DEVS 411
Work Study Placement in Development Studies
and Post-Placement Seminar in Development Studies (must take both)
DRAM 100Introduction to Theatre6.00
DRAM 200Theatre History and Literature I6.00
DRAM 205Theatre and Pop Culture3.00
DRAM 211Introduction to Theatre for Young Audiences3.00
DRAM 220Play Reading and Analysis3.00
DRAM 236Public Presentation3.00
DRAM 251Introduction to Playwriting3.00
DRAM 273Medieval Drama Performance3.00
DRAM 300Theatre History & Literature II6.00
DRAM 301Theories of the Theatre I3.00
DRAM 303Indigenous Playwrights3.00
DRAM 306Drama and its Performance in Canada3.00
ECON 110Principles of Economics6.00
ECON 111Introductory Microeconomics3.00
ECON 112Introductory Macroeconomics3.00
ECON Level 2ECON 2XX (Except ECON 250, ECON 255)
Employment Relations
EMPR Levels 1-2EMPR 1XX-2XX
ENGL 100Introduction to Literary Study6.00
ENGL 160Modern Prose Fiction6.00
Environmental Studies
ENSC 290Introduction to Ecological Economics3.00
ENSC 305Social Environments3.00
ENSC 310Environmental Policy3.00
ENSC 311Applied Environmental Policy3.00
ENSC 315Sustainable Food Systems3.00
ENSC 321Environmental Justice in Global Context3.00
ENSC 420Gender and Environments3.00
FILM 110Film, Media and Screen Cultures6.00
FILM 210The Horror Film3.00
FILM 214Mobile Communications3.00
FILM 215Science Fiction Cinema3.00
FILM 220Animated Feature Films from Disney to Ghibli3.00
FILM 225The Comedy Film3.00
FILM 236Media and Cultural Studies3.00
FILM 240Media and Popular Culture3.00
FILM 260Digital Media Theory3.00
FREN 241Histoire culturelle et littéraire de l'Ancien Régime3.00
FREN 285Cinéma et société: aspects culturels de la francophonie3.00
FREN 3XXFREN 3XX (Except FREN 320, 331, 353, 360, 393)
Gender Studies
GNDSGNDS 1XX-3XX (Levels 1-3)
GPHY 203Water Resources and Management3.00
GPHY 204Forests as a Global Resource3.00
GPHY 227Cities: Geography, Planning and Urban Life3.00
GPHY 228Geographies of the Global Political Economy3.00
GPHY 229Place, Space, Culture, and Social Life3.00
GPHY 230Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning3.00
GPHY 250The Geography of Canada3.00
GPHY 254The Caribbean in Globalizing World3.00
GPHY 257The Geography of Middle America3.00
GPHY 258The Geography of South America3.00
GPHY 320Energy and Society3.00
GPHY 325Maps and Society3.00
GPHY 327The Geographical Imagination3.00
GPHY 330Transportation Geography3.00
GPHY 362Human Migration3.00
HLTH 101Social Determinants of Health3.00
HLTH 237An Introduction to Drugs, Drug Use and Drug Dependence3.00
HLTH 305Fundamentals of Health Policy3.00
HLTH 332Foundations for Understanding Disability: A Health Perspective3.00
HLTH 350Topics in Global Health3.00
HLTH 403Community Based Rehabilitation3.00
HLTH 404Global Studies of Social Inclusion, Community Participation and Mental Health3.00
HEBR 292Intermediate Biblical Hebrew3.00
HEBR 393Reading Modern Hebrew Literature3.00
HISTHIST 1XX-2XX (Except HIST 257)
GRMN 308Topics in Cultural History I3.00
GRMN 309Topics in Cultural History II3.00
GRMN 311Culture Through Stories in the 18th and 19th Century3.00
GRMN 312Culture Through Stories in the 20th and 21st Century3.00
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ENIN 301Creative Entrepreneurship3.00
ENIN 340Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship3.00
Interdisciplinary Studies
IDIS 199The Science of Mental Health, Well-being, & Resiliency3.00
IDIS 210Arts in Society3.00
IDIS 220Hacking the Humanities: An Introduction to the Digital Humanities3.00
IDIS 280Interprofessional Approaches in Healthcare3.00
IDIS 302Race and Racism3.00
IDIS 303Mathematics and Poetry3.00
IDIS 304 British Studies I
Indigenous Studies
INDG 301Indigenous Ways of Knowing3.00
International Studies
INTS 306Culture, Identity, and Self3.00
INTS 307Intercultural Relations3.00
INTS 321Urban Images: Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Imagined City3.00
Jewish Studies
JWSTJWST 301, 302
Language, Literature and Cultures
LLCUAll LLCU 1XX, 2XX, 3XX except 101, 102, 103, 104
LAW 201Introduction to Canadian Law3.00
LAW 202Aboriginal Law3.00
LAW 203Workplace Law3.00
LAW 204Corporate Law3.00
LAW 205Public & Constitutional Law3.00
LAW 206Intellectual Property3.00
LAW 207International Law3.00
Liberal Arts
LIBS 100Origins and Practices of Liberal Arts3.00
LING 100Introduction to Linguistics6.00
LING 202Canadian English3.00
LING 205Language and Power3.00
LING 210Language Acquisition and Learning3.00
MUSC 102Western Music: Napoleon to 9/113.00
MUSC 114Introduction to Teaching Music to Children3.00
MUSC 171Social History of Popular Music3.00
MUSC 210Western Art Music: Crusades to Colonialism3.00
MUSC 211Western Art Music: Industrialization to the Internet3.00
MUSC 240Music of Video Games3.00
MUSC 245Topics in Music and Cultures3.00
MUSC 286Women, Gender and Music3.00
MUSC 289Global Musics3.00
MUSC 393Music and Digital Media3.00
MUSC 490Gender and Popular Music3.00
MUSC 491Music and Mass Media3.00
Music Theatre
MUTH 110The Republic to Rationalism: History, Arts, and Performance l3.00
MUTH 111Listening to Revolutions: History, Arts, and Performance ll3.00
MUTH 201Sex and Violence in Performance3.00
MUTH 240Digital Disruption in the Creative and Performing Arts3.00
MUTH 251Issues in Music Theatre3.00
PHILLevels 1-2 Philosophy 1XX-2XX
PHIL 257Ethics6.00
POLS 101Contemporary Issues in Politics3.00
POLS 110Introduction to Politics and Government6.00
Political Science
PSYC 100Principles of Psychology6.00
PSYC 221Cognitive Psychology3.00
PSYC 241Social Psychology3.00
PSYC 251Developmental Psychology3.00
Religion Studies
SOCY 122Introduction to Sociology6.00