Academic Calendar 2023-2024

List B

Complementary Studies - List B

Professional Issues, Performance Arts and Languages, Management, Business and Law Courses

ANSH 101Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture I3.00
ANSH 102Beginning Anishinaabe Language and Culture II3.00
Engineering and Applied Science
APSC 222Engineering for Sustainability and Innovation3.00
APSC 303Professional Internship (*Not applicable for CMPE/ELEC students)3.50
CHEE 302Technical Entrepreneurship3.50
MECH 333Gender, Engineering and Technology3.00
MNTC 409Mineral Economics3.50
ARAB 100Introductory Arabic (Modern Standard)6.00
ARAB 200Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic6.00
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic (Modern Standard)3.00
BIOL 111Ecology and the Environment3.00
Chemical Engineering
CHEE 302Technical Entrepreneurship3.50
CHIN 100Introductory Mandarin Chinese I6.00
CHIN 200Introductory Mandarin Chinese II6.00
CHIN 300Intermediate Mandarin Chinese6.00
COMM 200Business Fundamentals3.00
COMM 201Introduction to Business for Entrepreneurs3.00
COMM 211Financial Accounting3.00
COMM 212Management Accounting3.00
COMM 221Introduction To Finance3.00
COMM 231Fundamentals of Marketing3.00
COMM 303Business And Ethics3.00
COMM 305Introduction To Entrepreneurship3.00
COMM 310Environmental Accounting3.00
COMM 311Fin Acctng Pract Prin & Concep3.00
COMM 312Intermed Management Accounting3.00
COMM 313Financial Accounting II3.00
COMM 322Advanced Corporate Finance3.00
COMM 323Corporate Financial Planning3.00
COMM 326Private Equity3.00
COMM 328International Finance3.00
COMM 329Management Of Financial Institutions3.00
COMM 351Leadership3.00
COMM 353Managing Across Cultures3.00
COMM 357Interpersonal Skills For Managers3.00
COMM 375International Business and the Nonmarket Environment3.00
COMM 381Business Law I3.00
COMM 382Business Law II3.00
COMM 408Sustainability Strategies and Practices3.00
Global Developmental Studies
DEVS 353Business and Global Development3.00
DRAM 239Special Topics in Performance I3.00
DRAM 241Design and Theatre3.00
Employment Relations
EMPR 100Introduction to Employment Relations3.00
EMPR 200Unions and Labour Relations3.00
EMPR 210Employment Law3.00
EMPR 220Conflict Management3.00
EMPR 230Human Resource Management3.00
EMPR 240Workplace Policies and Governance3.00
EMPR 250Managing Workplace Health, Safety, and Wellness3.00
EMPR 320Negotiation Skills3.00
EMPR 330Strategic HR Management: Building High Performance Workplaces3.00
EMPR 335Leadership and Employee Motivation3.00
EMPR 370Human Resource Analytics3.00
Environmental Science
ENSC 103Environment and Sustainability3.00
ENSC 200Environmental History3.00
ENSC 201Environmental Toxicology and Chemical Risks3.00
ENSC 301Environmental Assessment3.00
ENSC 320Wildlife Issues in a Changing World3.00
ENSC 390Sustainability3.00
Fine Art
ARTF 100Introductory Drawing6.00
ARTF 101Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting3.00
ARTF 102Fundamentals of Drawing and Sculpture3.00
ARTF 125Introduction to Studio Art in Printmaking3.00
ARTF 127Introductory Fine Art I6.00
ARTF 128Introductory Fine Art II6.00
ARTF 260Studies in Studio Practice3.00
ARTF 275Digital Media in Studio Practice3.00
ARTF 227Intermediate Fine Art I6.00
FREN 106Communication et culture I3.00
FREN 107Communication et culture II3.00
FREN 112Révision de la grammaire II3.00
FREN 118Communication et culture III3.00
FREN 150Français intermédiaire6.00
FREN 219Communication et culture IV3.00
FREN 225French in the Professional Workplace3.00
French Studies
FRST 125Basic Business French3.00
GPHY 101Human Geography3.00
GPHY 314Climate Change3.00
GPHY 319Contemporary Energy Resources3.00
GEOL 290Worldbuilding3.00
GRMN 101Beginner's German I3.00
GRMN 102Beginner's German II3.00
GRMN 201Intermediate German I3.00
GRMN 202Intermediate German II3.00
GRMN 203German Conversation and Culture3.00
GRMN 306Business German in Workplace3.00
GREK 112Introductory Greek6.00
HEBR 190Introduction to Modern Hebrew6.00
HEBR 192Introductory Biblical Hebrew3.00
HEBR 193Classical Hebrew Fundamentals3.00
HEBR 294Intermediate Modern Hebrew I3.00
HEBR 295Intermediate Modern Hebrew II3.00
HEBR 301Topics in Hebrew3.00
HEBR 393Reading Modern Hebrew Literature3.00
HIST 257Environmental History3.00
INUK 101Beginning Inuktitut Language and Culture l3.00
INUK 102Beginning Inuktitut Language and Culture ll3.00
ITLN 111Beginning Italian I3.00
ITLN 112Beginning Italian II3.00
ITLN 204Italiano intermedio3.00
ITLN 205Italiano avanzato3.00
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ENIN 200Foundations of Entrepreneurship3.00
ENIN 204Publicity and Media Relations3.00
ENIN 205Innovation for STEAM3.00
ENIN 207Envisioning Disruptive Technologies3.00
JAPN 100Introductory Japanese I6.00
JAPN 200Introductory Japanese II6.00
World Language Studies
Language, Literature and Cultures
LLCU 101Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture I3.00
LLCU 102Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture II3.00
LLCU 103Beginning Language and Culture l3.00
LLCU 104Beginning Language and Culture ll3.00
LATN 110Introductory Latin6.00
LATN 209Intermediate Latin6.00
Law (Can be used as List A or B)
LAW 201Introduction to Canadian Law3.00
LAW 202Aboriginal Law3.00
LAW 203Workplace Law3.00
LAW 204Corporate Law3.00
LAW 205Public & Constitutional Law3.00
LAW 206Intellectual Property3.00
LAW 207International Law3.00
MOHK 101Beginning Mohawk Language and Culture l3.00
MOHK 102Beginning Mohawk Language and Culture ll3.00
MOHK 103Oral Mohawk Language - Beginning I (TMT)3.00
MOHK 104Beginning Mohawk Language and Culture II Tyendinaga3.00
MOHK 201Intermediate Mohawk Language and Culture3.00
MOHK 202Oral Mohawk Language3.00
MUSC 100Small Ensemble1.50
MUSC 104Music Fundamentals3.00
MUSC 112Medium Ensemble1.50
MUSC 115Large Ensemble1.50
MUSC 124Applied Music I6.00
MUSC 152Introduction to Vocal Composition3.00
MUSC 156Introduction to Digital Audio Recording, Editing, and Mixing3.00
MUSC 171Social History of Popular Music3.00
MUSC 180Vocal Techniques and Methods3.00
MUSC 191Theory and Analysis I6.00
MUSC 221Applied Study II6.00
MUSC 224Applied Music II6.00
MUSC 227Ear Training and Sight Singing II3.00
MUSC 229Keyboard Lab3.00
MUSC 280Vocal Techniques and Methods3.00
MUSC 281Woodwind Techniques and Methods3.00
MUSC 283Brass Techniques and Methods3.00
MUSC 285String Techniques and Methods3.00
MUSC 292Theory and Analysis IIA3.00
Music Theater
MUTH 232Opera3.00
MUTH 240Digital Disruption in the Creative and Performing Arts3.00
MUTH 340Arts Professionalism3.00
PORT 103Beginning Portuguese and Culture l3.00
PORT 104Beginning Portuguese and Culture ll3.00
SOCY 284Sociology of Information and Communication Technology3.00
SOCY 363Science, Technology and Society3.00
SPAN 304Español para contextos profesionales II3.00
SPAN 111Beginning Spanish I3.00
SPAN 112Beginning Spanish II3.00
SPAN 204Español intermedio3.00
SPAN 205Español avanzado3.00
SPAN 206Spanish Conversation and Culture3.00
SPAN 301Gramática avanzada y composición I3.00
SPAN 302Gramática avanzada y composición II3.00
SPAN 303Español para contextos profesionales I3.00
SPAN 401Advanced Grammar Through Translation I3.00
SPAN 402Advanced Grammar Through Translation II3.00
Urban Planning
SURP 853Environmental Services3.00