Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Medical Sciences (MSCI)

Note: Admissions temporarily suspended, 2022-23

MSCI 800 Research Methodology
This is a foundation course in which students will conduct a critical review from which they will develop a research proposal. Examples of topics are (but are not limited to): questions relating to basic biomedical or clinical sciences; disease processes; therapeutics; ethical questions in science or medicine; health policy. From this critical review, the student will develop a research proposal to address a specific knowledge gap identified from the literature review. (3.0 credit units)

MSCI 801 Integrated Graduate Clerkship I
This course is a 6-month clerkship in which graduate clerks will be placed in a variety of clinical learning environments. Course content will include an Orientation “Boot Camp”, the Nightmares Course (simulation based critical events training), a series of observational clinical rotations which will include ward based experiences, ambulatory clinic experiences, standardized patient clinical experiences and academic interactive seminars. Students will be exposed to a spectrum of medical subspecialties. (6.0 credit units)

MSCI 802 Integrated Graduate Clerkship II
This course is a 6-month clerkship designed for students who have complete the Integrated Graduate Clerkship I. Students will be placed in clinical learning environments with more complex patient presentations, with the expectation that students will demonstrate a higher level of competency related to patient care. Students will be expected to lead discussions and present case studies in the bi-weekly academic seminar sessions. (6.0 credit units)

MSCI 898 Research Project in Medical Sciences
This course will engage the student in a hands-on learning experience in a laboratory setting. The research project will involve experimental design, data collection and analysis, written report and oral presentation. (6.0 credit units)