Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Translational Medicine (TMED)

TMED 800 Translational Medicine
Students will be educated in the translation of medical knowledge from a variety of medical disciplines. Classroom sessions will be divided into a traditional lecture, followed by an interactive discussion and a 3-minute student presentation. Clinical observerships will involve direct placement within various clinics. Students will be expected to write a review article on the topic of their thesis research. (3.0 credit units)

TMED 801 Profession of Medicine
This course will immerse students in the professional learning environment of Medicine. Course content will consist of attendance at a minimum number of weekly Medical Grand Rounds, followed by facilitated small group discussions. Student seminars will be held during the winter term for presentation of thesis research proposals.  (3.0 credit units)

TMED 802 Research Success Skills
This course will provide the students with essential skills required to be a successful researcher.  Instruction on study design, ethical and regulatory requirements for biomedical researchers will be provided through completion of online modules. A Library session will be included to teach strategies to search biomedical literature. Students will be expected to write a CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship application and laboratory/research skills related to their thesis research will be evaluated.  (3.0 credit units)

TMED 811 Next Generation Sequencing
This course will teach students the theoretical and practical basis of high-throughput genomics and transcriptomics. The course is a combination of classroom lectures, practical bench science and practical computing. Students will learn to design, implement and analyze an experiment using next generation sequencing technology and be expected to demonstrate these skills in the course assignments. (1.5 credit units)

TMED 899 Master’s Thesis Research

TMED 999  Ph.D. Thesis Research