Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Aging and Health - Graduate Diploma

The GDip is completed over any 2 consecutive terms (8 continuous months): i.e. fall and winter terms; winter and summer terms; or summer and fall terms. Its requirements include any 5 courses offered at the 800 level (except AGHE 898).

Students who successfully complete the GDip in Aging and Health can be considered for advanced standing in the MSc program. Those wishing to enter the MSc program following completion of the GDip program must apply directly for entry into the MSc program (and pay the applicable application fee).  In order to be accepted with advanced standing, the application must be made to the MSc program within 5 years of completion of the GDip program.  Once accepted, the student will complete the outstanding requirements, which could be up to three additional courses (dependent on GDip courses taken), plus a project course (AGHE 898), provided there have been no substantive changes in the MSc program requirements in the intervening years.

Any 5 courses (3.0 credit units each) at the 800 level except AGHE- 898.
Course List
AGHE 800Evaluating Aging-Related Programs and Services3.00
AGHE 802Ethics and Bioethics of Aging3.00
AGHE 803Demography and Geography of Aging3.00
AGHE 804Health and social systems for older adults3.00
AGHE 810Epidemiology of Aging3.00
AGHE 811Issues in Aging and Health3.00
AGHE 812Religion, Spiritual Health and Aging3.00
AGHE 814Mobility and functioning amongst older adults3.00
AGHE 815Chronic conditions and self-management3.00
AGHE 816Pharmacology and Aging3.00
AGHE 818Rethinking Aging and Dying3.00
AGHE 819Planning for Age Friendly Communities3.00
AGHE 820Developing educational resources for older adults3.00
AGHE 821Aging and Mental Health3.00
AGHE 830Legal Considerations in Aging and Health3.00
Not all electives are offered every year.