Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Civil Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy

The minimum requirements for the program are four term-length courses beyond the Master's degree (at least one of these courses must be taken outside the Department), research and a thesis.

Normally one senior (400-level) undergraduate course from another department may be substituted for a graduate course. Only 1 course may be a combined undergraduate/graduate course (also known as a double numbered 400/800 course).

For students who received a Master’s from this department and in the same area of study, the minimum course requirements shall be decided in consultation with the PhD Advisory Committee and approved by the Department Head or Graduate Coordinator.

Comprehensive examinations must be completed within the first 18 months of registration. The objective of these examinations are to establish to the satisfaction of the Department that the student has a sound proposal for Ph.D. research, an effective grasp of his/her main and related areas of study and the ability to handle facts, new ideas, and concepts at the Ph.D. level. Details of these comprehensive examinations are available upon request from the Graduate Assistant in the Department and can also be found on the Departmental website.