Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Cultural Studies - Doctor of Philosophy

Year 1

Fall/Winter terms: Students take a minimum of four one-term (3.0 unit) graduate courses, including CUST 803 Cultural Studies Past & Present and at least one additional Cultural Studies course; they are also required to take CUST 902 Cultural Studies Colloquium. Doctoral students with a Queen's MA in Cultural Studies need only take two one-term (3.0 unit) courses plus CUST 902.
Summer term: Students finalize their supervisory committee and, in consultation with their supervisor(s), prepare for the Qualifying Examination.

Year 2

Fall term: Students complete the Qualifying Examination.

Winter/Summer terms: Students prepare and defend their thesis proposal.

Year 3

Students continue their PhD work, including field research and/or artistic practice as required, and, in consultation with their committee, write/draft chapters towards the final output.

Year 4

Students continue writing their PhD in preparation for a defense date in August.