Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Education - Master of Education

Program Patterns

  • Pattern I: A minimum of six half courses (one must be a research methods course) and a master's thesis (credit value four half courses).
  • Pattern II: A minimum of eight half courses (one must be a research course) and a master's project (credit value two half courses).

A colloquium must be held before the student begins work on the thesis.

With the approval of the program advisor, the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and, where applicable, the thesis or project supervisor, a student may:

  1. be required to take additional courses from either the graduate offerings of the Faculty of Education, or undergraduate/graduate offerings of the University in support of the thesis (EDUC 899) or project (EDUC 898).
  2. be permitted to take up to two half courses from graduate or advanced undergraduate courses offered by other departments of the University.

Courses by Component

  1. Elective Courses: EDUC 800, EDUC 801, EDUC 802, EDUC 803, EDUC 805, EDUC 806, EDUC 809, EDUC 810, EDUC 811, EDUC 812, EDUC 813, EDUC 815, EDUC 820, EDUC 821, EDUC 822, EDUC 823, EDUC 824, EDUC 825, EDUC 826, EDUC 827, EDUC 828, EDUC 829, EDUC 830, EDUC 833, EDUC 840, EDUC 841, EDUC 842, EDUC 850, EDUC 851, EDUC 852, EDUC 853, EDUC 854, EDUC 855, EDUC 856, EDUC 857, EDUC 860, EDUC 861, EDUC 862, EDUC 863, EDUC 864, EDUC 880, EDUC 881, EDUC 882; EDUC 883, EDUC 884, EDUC 888, EDUC 889.
  2. Research Methods Courses: EDUC 890, EDUC 892, EDUC 893, EDUC 895. 
  3. Thesis and Project: EDUC 898, EDUC 899.
  4. All M.Ed. students are required to take EDUC 890.

Additional Regulations

  1. Advanced credit may be granted for up to two graduate half courses taken at another university provided that the courses cohere with the student's program of study, and provided that the request for advance credit is made at the time of application. In no case will credit be granted for courses, which have been credited to another degree or diploma.
  2. Full-time students are required to be on campus for three academic terms (usually fall, winter, summer).
  3. No student may register in more than two half courses in the summer term.
  4. The total number of half courses taken by a student from outside the offerings of the Queen's M.Ed. program may not normally exceed two.
  5. Normally, full-time students can anticipate needing between eighteen and twenty-four months in order to complete the degree. Most full-time students will find it possible to complete all course work within the three terms of their full-time year, and to have begun work on the thesis or project. Thesis or project work can be completed in additional terms either on-campus or off-campus. All students are required to complete the degree requirements within five years of initial registration. The minimum period of completion of the courses necessary for graduation is 12 months for full-time students and 24 – 28 months (dependent upon choice of a Master's thesis or Master's project) for part-time students.
  6. Additional regulations are published in Graduate Studies in Education: A Handbook.