Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Gender Studies - Doctor of Philosophy

Program Requirements

The program is designed to be completed within 48 months and to commence in September. The program requires five courses (15.0 credit units) which will consist of four classroom-based seminars taken during the first year and a practicum taken during fall of the second year, during which time students will initiate research for the dissertation.

The required courses are (all are 3.0 credit units):

GNDS 801 Theories in Gender Studies
GNDS 802 Methodologies in Gender Studies
GNDS 903 Applications of Gender Studies
GNDS 950 PhD Practicum (a research placement outside the university and/or a research placement that complements the candidate’s research program and is presented to the Queen’s community). 

Students must also complete GNDS 815 Professional Development Seminar (0 credit units) and one elective of 3.0 credit units, to meet the coursework requirements of the degree.

PhD students will create a syllabus and prepare for a research proposal defence during spring/summer of the first year and fall of the second, and have a proposal defence in winter of the second year. The proposal defence serves as the program’s qualifying examination. Students who pass the defence will begin full-time research and writing of the dissertation. Students advanced to candidacy will be enrolled in the dissertation course (GNDS -999) in each term until the dissertation oral defence.