Academic Calendar 2022-2023

History - Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral candidates in History must satisfy requirements in the following areas:

  • Two session length courses and one session-length required course (HIST 901 Approaches To History), taken in the Fall/Winter terms of the first year of the program.
  • Field requirements (1 major and 1 minor).
  • Thesis proposal and qualifying exam.
  • Defence of a doctoral dissertation.
  • A research language, fulfilled by passing a departmental language exam or reading/translation course approved by the graduate chair.

The seminars, reading courses and field examinations are selected to enable a candidate to study different national areas, comparative and transnational areas, and/or periods of history. The candidate's program must be approved by the supervisor and the Department of History.

The doctoral program will require at least 4 or 5 years of full-time study for a candidate who has substantial undergraduate and MA training in history.

Please see the History Department website graduate page for a more comprehensive description of the doctoral program.