Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Mathematics and Statistics - Doctor of Philosophy

Applicants are accepted under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

The program involves three stages: preparation for research (course requirements and qualifying examinations), certification that the preparation is adequate (thesis prospectus examination) and thesis research.

Course Requirements

The student, in consultation with the supervisor, must propose a selection of courses which ensures exposure to multiple branches of mathematics and/or statistics and which provides the student with a depth of knowledge commensurate with a Ph.D. holder in mathematics or statistics. This proposal will consist of a minimum of nine one term graduate courses and may include courses taken during a Master’s program at Queen’s or elsewhere. The specific courses and number of courses a student will be required to take during their doctoral studies will depend on their field of study and their background preparation to date.

Qualifying Examinations

Written examinations will assess the student’s knowledge of their broad research area and also core areas of mathematics and/or statistics related to that area.

Thesis Prospectus Examination

An oral examination, based on a research proposal written by the candidate, will evaluate the quality, significance and feasibility of the student’s proposed research and the competence of the student to carry out that research.

For complete details on all requirements for the doctoral degree consult our Graduate Programs and Guidelines.