Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Medical Sciences - Graduate Diploma

Note: Admissions suspended, 2023-24

The Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences may be used to ladder the Professional Master of Medical Sciences or into other MSc programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Students’ progress will be reviewed and monitored by the curriculum committee. Performance in a graduate clerkship will be overseen by clinical academic advisors and faculty advisors, respectively. The diploma is intended to be completed in 6 months.

The Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences consists of:

  • MSCI 800 Research Methodology  (3.0 credit units)
  • MSCI 801 Integrated Graduate Clerkship I (6.0 credit units), and
  • one elective course (3.0 credit units)

The elective course is to be chosen from the approved list of electives, and can be based on the individual student’s interest or background.   

Elective courses may include:  

BMED 812
BMED 853   
NSCI 829   
NSCI 844 
EPID 801   
PATH 822 
PATH 823      

Not all courses are offered every year. Other graduate-level courses could be approved as elective courses by the curriculum committee.