Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Mining Engineering - Master of Applied Science

The minimum requirements for the M.A.Sc. are four (4) term length courses, satisfactory participation in the graduate seminar MINE 897, and completion of a research thesis (MINE-899). Normally, two courses will be taken within and two courses will be taken outside the Mining Department. The department may make exceptions to this academic requirement if a different balance of mining and external courses is beneficial to the student and has the support of the supervisor.

One term length senior (400-series) undergraduate course, OR one combined undergraduate/graduate course (also known as a double numbered 400/800 course) may be accepted as the equivalent of a graduate course from any discipline for an M.A.Sc. student provided that
a) the course is approved by the student's supervisor and
b) the student has not received credit for a similar course in their Bachelor's program.

One term length course can be from the 400-series in another department, or, under exceptional circumstances, from Mining, but this course must be selected according to applicable regulations.

All students who are doing laboratory research on campus must take CHEM 801 Safety in the Laboratory, a non-credit course in laboratory safety, at the first opportunity after their initial registration. Students who have previously completed MINE 459 or MINE 851 as part of their regular undergraduate or graduate programs at Queen's University are exempt from this requirement. Students who are taking or have taken MNTC 408 Departmental Safety Module are also exempt from this requirement.