Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Mining Engineering - Master of Engineering

The requirements for this program are 8 term length courses. At least 4 term length courses must be taken from the Department of Mining Engineering and be entered as primary on the registration form. A maximum of 2 term length 400 series undergraduate courses or double number 400/800 level courses or a combination thereof may be taken provided that:

a) the courses are approved by the student's supervisor or graduate coordinator and
b) the student has not received credit for similar courses in their Bachelor's program.


a) 2 term-length 400 series undergraduate courses,
b) one 400 series undergraduate and one double number 400/800 graduate level courses, or
​c) two double number 400/800 graduate level courses are taken,

the remaining courses must be graduate level courses and must not be combined undergraduate/graduate courses (also known as a double numbered 400/800 graduate level courses).

All students must take APSC 801, a non-credit course - An introduction to the Master of Engineering (MEng) graduate studies program at Queen’s University. The course provides students with essential administrative information, an introduction to information literacy within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, as well as an overview of the various support services on campus. Additionally, the course contains several modules on professional and career skills. This non-credit course is comprised of a number of individual modules, and its completion is a requirement to graduate from the MEng program. Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.   Prerequisite: Enrolment in the MEng program. 

In Mining Engineering, students have the option to take MINE 898, a project-based course that counts as one course towards the required eight courses total.