Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Nursing - Master of Nursing (Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner)

The Program

The M.N.(PHCNP) program is a two-year full-time program. The program provides opportunities for students to examine theory and research relevant to primary health care health care nursing, enhance knowledge and skills in critical analysis/synthesis of evidence and professional leadership and develop advanced skills and knowledge in health assessment for clinical nursing roles in primary health care settings.  The graduates of the program will:

  • possess knowledge of the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of the discipline;
  • be able to contribute to nursing research projects
  • gain critical appraisal skills required to evaluate and synthesize the scientific evidence for practice in a primary health care settings; and,
  • be able to undertake leadership roles in primary health care.

The M.N.(PHCNP) program consist of the following coursework: 

  • NURS 800  Intermediate Statistics and Analysis
  • NURS 802  Qualitative Methodology & Methods
  • NURS 803  Intermediate Quantitative Research Design
  • NURS 811  Theoretical Bases of Nursing Research
  • NURS 898  Project in Evidence Based Practice

The following  seven courses are delivered via a consortium of nine Ontario universities:

  • NURS 850   Pathophysiology for Nurse Practitioners
  • NURS 853   Primary Health Care NP Roles and Responsibilities
  • NURS 856   Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis I
  • NURS 857  Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis II
  • NURS 858  Therapeutics in Primary Health Care I
  • NURS 859  Therapeutics in Primary Health Care II
  • NURS 854   Integrative Practicum in Primary Health Care (this is a 12 credit course, to be completed in one term, normally Summer term). 

In the Graduate Nursing Programs in the School of Nursing, any student who fails to obtain a minimum grade of B- (B minus) in two primary courses shall be required to withdraw.  For further details please see the School of Nursing’s Graduate Handbook.