Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Psychology - Doctor of Philosophy

The doctoral program normally extends over four calendar years. Clinical students frequently complete their internship during their fifth year.  The requirements for the doctoral program are:

  • CORE Human Ethics - 1 online tutorial
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) - 3 online tutorials
  • Accessible Instructor for Educators - 1 online tutorial
  • Queen’s Health & Safety Awareness - 1 online tutorial
  • Thesis Proposal to be defended orally
  • Comprehensive Examination to be defended orally
  • Thesis (PSYC-999)  to be defended orally
  • Additional coursework as defined by the specific program of study as listed by program below:

Cognitive Neuroscience

Students take: PSYC 811, PSYC 812, PSYC 907 and PSYC 908.
Doctoral students in the Cognitive Neuroscience program participate in the COG-Neuro Research Seminar even after completing PSYC 811, PSYC 812, PSYC 907 and PSYC 908,  for as long as they are registered full time in the program.


Students take: PSYC 957, PSYC 968, PSYC 969, PSYC 974, PSYC 978, PSYC 989, PSYC 990, PSYC 991, PSYC 992, PSYC 993.
Students may choose to take, during years in which they are offered either or both of  PSYC 994, PSYC 995.
Students take two additional half courses from those offered in the Department or, with permission of the Chair of the Clinical program and the Departmental Coordinator of Graduate Studies, from courses offered in other departments.


Students take: 

  • One of the following: PSYC 841, PSYC 851, PSYC 852. 
  • Two of the following: PSYC 842, PSYC 843, PSYC 853, PSYC 854, PSYC 855, PSYC 856, PSYC 857, PSYC 859 selected in consultation with the student's supervisor and Program Chair

In years when offered, students may take PSYC 959 or PSYC 960 to meet requirements, contingent on the permission of the supervisor and program chair.


Students who have a Master’s degree in Social Psychology take:

  • either PSYC 940 or PSYC 941  
  • one seminar course from PSYC 846, PSYC 942, PSYC 943, PSYC 944, PSYC 945, PSYC 946, PSYC 947, PSYC 948, PSYC 979, PSYC 980, PSYC 981, and PSYC 982; and
  • two additional courses either from the seminar list or selected in consultation with the student's supervisor and the Program Chair.  One of those additional courses could be PSYC 901, which alternates every other year with PSYC 940.

Students who do not have a Master's degree in Social Psychology take either PSYC 940 or PSYC 941  and three courses from  the seminar list noted above.