Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Public Health Sciences - Master of Science

Master of Science Degree (Specialization Epidemiology) Requirements

Full-time study that requires students to complete four mandatory core courses and two elective courses. As well, students must complete the Course on Research Ethics (CORE) online tutorial and defend their thesis. Mandatory core courses focus on epidemiologic and biostatistical methods. There is a wide range of elective courses offered both within and outside of the Department.

Under the guidance of supervisors, students will identify a research topic, prepare and present an outline, and then submit a detailed research proposal. The proposal includes the study purpose and objectives, the rationale for conducting the research, the student's contribution to the research, the study design and data collection methods, data management and analysis strategies, ethical consideration, strengths and limitations, and the potential impact of the project. Once the proposal is approved by the Department and by the Research Ethics Board at Queen's University, the student can conduct the study. The outline deadline is the end of February of the first year of study, the proposal deadline is in July of the first year of study, and the thesis can be submitted for defence in May through August in the second year of study.

Biostatistics, Collaborative with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) Degree Requirements

The Department, in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, offers a twelve-month, non-thesis-based program of full-time study that requires students to complete 8 term courses (six mandatory courses and two electives) and a practicum. The practicum will involve a four-month placement working on a project pertaining to some aspect of biostatistics applications or methodological research affiliated with the work of the supervisor. Students must write a report on their practicum and make a presentation to an examining committee by late August of their year.