Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Water and Human Health - Graduate Diploma

The program of study leads to the credential of the Graduate Diploma in Water and Human Health.

Program Requirements

This is a 4-course, fully online graduate diploma.   Normally, students enrol as full time students and complete all 4 courses in one term. The 4 courses include critical reading of research articles with group discussions led by the students. An e-portfolio assignment will be used to reflect on individual course learning in addition to providing a holistic perspective of the program experience. Discussion and critical analysis of research papers, technical reports and news items will be a focal point of all courses. All courses will culminate with a final assignment that will test students independently on material they have learned throughout the term.

Required courses (all courses are 3.0 credit units):

BWRC 801 Chemistry and Biology of Natural Waters 
BWRC 802 Watershed Hydrology 
BWRC 803 Water and Health
BWRC 804 Water Governance and Regulation