Academic Calendar 2023-2024


admission: the Faculty’s acceptance of an applicant as a student.

class: a particular offering of a given course.

corequisite: a requirement that must be fulfilled concurrently with another course.

course: a proscribed set of study and evaluation, used for academic credit towards a degree program.

core: a course that is required, or is selected from an extremely limited list of courses, in a  Program.

elective: a course freely chosen by the student.

equivalency: a pair of courses, one of which is no longer offered, which are considered to be similar enough that one may serve interchangeably for the other in terms of prerequisites, corequisites, exclusions, and plan and program requirements. Credit will only be given for one of the pair.

exclusion: a list of two or more courses that are considered similar enough that credit will only be given for a defined subset of courses from that list. Usually, holding credit for an excluded course(s) will prevent enrolment in any of the remaining courses on the list.

GPA (grade point average): the unit-weighted average grade point in a set of courses, based on a 4.3 grade point scale.

learning track: students with an interest in a particular field of the health sciences are able to further customize their curriculum by taking one of seven specially-designed learning tracks. These collections of themed courses offer in-depth investigation in a variety of fields.

level: determined by the number of passed units completed: 0.0 – 23.9 units (level 1); 24.0 – 47.9 units (level 2); 48.0 – 83.9 units (level 3); 84.0 units and above (level 4).

one-way exclusion: a course that will prevent enrolment if taken with or before another course.

option: a course chosen from a limited list of courses specified in a Program. The degree of choice may vary according to the Program.

part-time student: may enroll in at most 9.0 units in each of the Fall, Winter, or Summer Terms.

prerequisite: a requirement that must be met prior to enrolment in a course.

program: an approved set of courses leading to a degree.

session: an academic period within a Term. Start and end dates for each Session are published annually under Academic Dates and Key Dates.

subject: a defined area of study.

term: an academic period during the calendar year. There are three Terms: Fall (September-December); Winter (January-April); Summer (May-August). Start and end dates for each Term are published annually under Sessional Dates ).

unit: the academic value of a course.