Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Regulation 1: BNSc Degree Requirements

1.1 Degree Requirements

Candidates must meet all course requirements. To be considered to have passed any course for purposes of the BNSc Program, students must achieve a minimum Grade Point of 1.7 (60% or C-) in each course.

BNSc Degree requirements are completed within 4 years for a student registered in the Four Year BNSc Program and 2 years for students registered in the Accelerated Standing BNSc Program.

Students may be granted a Leave of Absence by the Associate Director (Undergraduate Nursing Programs) for up to one year (two terms) for health reasons only.  Documentation must be provided by a health care professional to support the request for a leave. Upon return from a Leave of Absence, students must provide a new letter supporting their request to return to studies. Note – while on a Leave of Absence, students cannot be enrolled in any on-line or in person courses.

Any student who does not successfully complete a course in any given term or misses an academic term for any reason will be on an altered plan of study. The student may  be required to complete a mandatory clinical preparation module (clinical practice days) prior to returning to the next clinical course. All students who are on an altered plan of study will normally have the length of their program extended by a minimum of 1 year.

Any student who has not participated in a clinical course for over 1 calendar year, may be required to audit a previous clinical course, before taking any clinical courses.

Students in the Accelerated Standing Track must complete all courses at Queen’s University.

Students in the 4-year track must complete a minimum of 50 percent of the total number of required credits for the BNSc degree plus 1 additional 3 credit course at Queen's University.

1.2 Application for a Degree

Students must formally apply to graduate by completing an ‘Application to Graduate’ online within a specified time period. Refer to Sessional Dates.

1.3 Honours Requirements

All students eligible for the BNSc Degree are eligible to graduate with honours. Please see Academic Regulation 22.