Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Regulation 12: Examinations

The scheduling and organization of examination sessions is coordinated by the Office of the University Registrar through its Exams Office. Information concerning examinations is posted on the Office of the University Registrar.

12.1- Supplemental Examinations

There are no supplemental examinations or re-writes of examinations in courses offered in the School of Nursing. A student who has made a valid attempt at writing a final examination cannot rewrite the examination at a later time.

12.2 - Extenuating Circumstances Occurring Immediately Prior to an Examination

Students who experience sudden illness or other extenuating circumstances, beyond their control, immediately prior to a scheduled examination, should not write the examination. Instead, students in such circumstances should submit a request for academic consideration prior to the examination start time. Once the request has been made and as soon as they are able, students must contact their Instructor(s) to make arrangements to write a deferred examination.

If a student writes an exam while ill and performs poorly, this is considered to be a valid attempt and the mark will stand.

12.3 – Extenuating Circumstances Occurring During an Examination

Students who experience a sudden illness or other extenuating circumstances, beyond their control, during the course of writing a scheduled examination that prevents them from completing the examination, must 1) notify an Examination Proctor prior to leaving the examination room, and 2) notify the Instructor(s) immediately after the examination. If students leave the examination room without notifying an Examination Proctor, the examination attempt will be considered valid, and no retroactive consideration will be possible.

If, after consultation with the Instructor, the examination attempt is not considered to be valid, permission for the student to re-write the final examination may be granted for documented cases at the discretion of the Instructor(s) and the Associate Director (Undergraduate Nursing Programs).