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AGHE 800 Evaluating Aging-Related Programs and Services

AGHE 800  Evaluating Aging-Related Programs and Services  Units: 3.00  

This course introduces learners to evaluation principles and practice as applied to programs that address social, physical and economic determinants of wellness and participation for older adults. Learners will acquire skills necessary to identify and apply program evaluation methods to inform ongoing program development. Topics will include theoretical aspects of program evaluation, as well as strategies for program development, monitoring and change with a focus on participatory approaches. Current debates in the field will be discussed, with particular attention to issues underlying research and evaluation with older adult populations in community and institutional contexts. Attention will be given to knowledge mobilization strategies that foster inclusion, empowerment and innovation.

Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences  

Aging and Health

The GDip, MSc and PhD programs in Aging and Heath are tailored to meet the evolving needs of today’s student. These programs are designed to be completed at a distance by working professionals. The programs are offered full-time, through a blended format of online learning and short onsite sessions.  Participants will enjoy the professional networking and experiential opportunities of an onsite program with the benefits of distance learning flexibility.

Aging and Health (AGHE)

Courses listed below represent the range of Aging and Health (AGHE) graduate course offerings in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy. Not all courses will be offered in each academic year and the current calendar should be consulted for the term and instructor. The Aging and Health program offers 3.0 credit-unit 'term' courses.

Aging and Health - Master of Science

The MSc is completed over 12 continuous months. Its requirements include 3 core courses (AGHE 800, AGHE 802, and AGHE 811), plus 4 electives, and the completion of a project course (AGHE 898).

Aging and Health - Graduate Diploma

The GDip is completed over any 2 consecutive terms (8 continuous months): i.e. fall and winter terms; winter and summer terms; or summer and fall terms. Its requirements include any 5 courses offered at the 800 level (except AGHE 898).

Nursing - Master of Nursing Science

...Foundation Courses (Required) NURS 800 Intermediate Statistics and...level courses in RHBS, AGHE, EPID All NURS...