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ANAT 316 The Human Visceral Systems

ANAT 316  The Human Visceral Systems  Units: 3.00  

Gross and functional anatomy of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis, head and neck.

Requirements: PREREQUISITES (BIOL 102/3.0 and BIOL 103/3.0) or (BIOL 201/3.0 and BIOL 202/3.0) or PHED 153/3.0 or KNPE153/3.0, or permission of the Department Exclusion No more than 3.0 units from ANAT216; ANAT316  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences  

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

...ANAT 215 /216 or ANAT 311, or ANAT...BCHM 310 or 315 /316 /317 or permission...