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ANAT 391 Introduction to Cadaveric Dissection

ANAT 391  Introduction to Cadaveric Dissection  Units: 3.00  

ANAT 391 is a course on human macro and microdissection that uses a series of carefully curated online modules, group learning activities, assignments, and inquiry-based learning to enable students to explore the process of human dissection and discover the value of teaching anatomy using dissected human specimens. Through active and collaborative learning, students will need to apply knowledge from previous anatomy courses in addition to practical skills taught via online modules and in-person sessions, to dissect an assigned human cadaveric specimen. The function of dissection is to reveal all possible structures and associated anatomical landmarks of a named dissection goal. Students will need to think critically to complete their dissections and present their findings to their peers. A focus will be on contextualizing the dissected work in the broader field of anatomical education. The course has various types of assessments including low stakes quizzes, a dissection plan, a study proposal, a presentation, and a dissection defense.

Requirements: Minimum 3rd year standing Minimum standing of B+ 3.3 in one of: I. ANAT 100 AND ANAT 380 OR II. ANAT 101 AND ANAT 380 OR III. ANAT 215 and ANAT 216 OR IV. ANAT 315 and ANAT 316  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences