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ARTL 820 Theatre Administration

ARTL 820  Theatre Administration  Units: 3.00  

This course examines a range of administrative and collaborative skills necessary for producing theatre works. Among the areas that will be defined and discussed are marketing, budgeting, fundraising, staffing, and production management. A variety of theatre-producing organizations (commercial, non-profit, university, and community) will be dissected to examine the assumptions which drive production decisions. The nature and importance of a ¿mission statement¿ for producing bodies will be stressed, and organizational structures will be analyzed. There will be a particular focus on the relationship between financial and physical resources and artistic vision. The nature of theatrical production as a larger social force and the outreach potential of theatre pieces will also be explored. Graduate students must complete an additional assignment demonstrating higher level analytical and interpretive skills, applying concepts learned in other Arts Leadership graduate courses. Offered jointly with DRAM 448. Graduate students taking this course will be required to do an additional assignment or assignments. (3.0 credit units)

Offering Faculty: School of Graduate Studies  

Arts Leadership and Arts Management

Queen’s University Dan School of Drama and Music in partnership with the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts have developed the Arts Management Graduate Diploma and the Master of Arts in Arts Leadership for students and working professionals who have the passion and acumen for the arts and are seeking opportunities in arts management and leadership. The focus is on developing 21st century leadership and management capabilities.

Arts Leadership (ARTL)

ARTL 801 Arts Marketing Students will apply the principles of audience development, audience diversity, arts marketing and multiple income-generating streams; generate marketing plans; market research; implement all aspects of arts marketing handled in an arts marketing department.  This course includes a capstone project which will be a group investigative field study of an arts organization and best arts marketing practices (national and international) that culminates in a final written and oral presentation which will include recommendations to the arts organization being examined. Students will apply the theories and principles of arts marketing and audience development; apply theories and best practices in arts marketing with product, communication, distribution channel and pricing strategies; understand the continuum of audience development and engagement; generate marketing budgets and forecasts using analytics and metrics; and create and implement a strategic marketing plan. Skills workshops on social and digital media, arts education and community engagement will be offered to compliment the course curriculum. (3.0 credit units)