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BIOL 343 Data Analysis for Biologists

BIOL 343  Data Analysis for Biologists  Units: 3.00  

Advanced topics in using R for data management, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, and statistical analysis using the general linear model, with particular focus on statistical literacy and biological examples from both laboratory and field research.

Learning Hours: 120 (36 Lecture, 12 Tutorial, 12 Online Activity, 60 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite (3.0 units from BIOL 243/3.0; CHEE 209/3.0; COMM 162/3.0; ECON 250/3.0; GPHY 247/3.0; KNPE 251/3.0; NURS 323/3.0; PSYC 202/3.0; POLS 285/3.0; SOCY 211/3.0; STAM 200/3.0; STAT 263/3.0) or STAT 269/3.0.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  


The Biology Department is located in the BioSciences Complex, a large building with offices, teaching laboratories, lecture rooms and extensive research facilities. The Department also maintains the Queen's University Biological Station: more than 3000 ha of woodland, fields and shoreline on both Lake Opinicon and Elbow Lake, 50 km north of Kingston. This station has extensive laboratory and teaching facilities and can provide accommodation for 75 or more researchers and students interested in population and community ecology, limnology, behavioural ecology, and conservation biology.

Biology (BIOL)

offered either in the fall or winter term if there is sufficient student interest. Some 900 level courses listed are 1.5 credit units.BIOL 899 and BIOL 999 are 6.0 credit units.