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BIOL 369 Sex and Evolution

BIOL 369  Sex and Evolution  Units: 3.00  

Why sex? The evolutionary origins and consequences of sex and sexual reproduction. Topics include costs and benefits of sexual reproduction, the evolution and coevolution of sexes, gametes and genitalia, mating systems, gender differences and sex determination throughout the biotic world.
LEARNING HOURS 122 (36L;8T;18O;60P)

Requirements: Prerequisite (BIOL 102 and BIOL 103) and 3.0 units from (BCHM 218; BIOL 200; BIOL 201; BIOL 202; BIOL 205 or BIOL 206). Recommended BIOL 206.  
Course Equivalencies: BIOL210; BIOL369  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

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