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BMED 480 Clinical Applications of Human Anatomy

BMED 480  Clinical Applications of Human Anatomy  Units: 3.00  

BMED 480 is a comprehensive course on regional anatomy of the human body covering the major organ systems, their components and the relationships between them. This course builds on fundamental knowledge of anatomy in order to apply it to clinical case-based scenarios. Students will apply anatomy and physiological knowledge gained in order to collaborate with peers to explore clinical problems, as well as develop their own realistic clinical case based problems on an underlying anatomical issue.

Requirements: BMED 480 Reqs >or=4th year and (PHGY 170 or BIOL 102), and (ANAT 270 or ANAT 215 or ANAT 216 or ANAT 315 or ANAT 316) or permission of the instructor.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences