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CBME 802 Biomedical Engineering Seminar

CBME 802  Biomedical Engineering Seminar  Units: 6.00  

Illustrate all areas of Biomedical Engineering research and practice; emphasis on breadth and interdisciplinary aspects; preparation, delivery and audience participation in oral presentations; the course links students from departments participating in the Collaborative Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering; opportunities are provided to develop and refine presentation skills, to give and receive constructive criticism, and to pose and respond to questions. Instructors: Biomedical Engineering faculty.

Offering Faculty: School of Graduate Studies  

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering encompasses a range of topics involving the application of engineering principles to both medicine and the life sciences. Biomedical Engineers are involved with the design and development of medical implants and assistive devices, new tools and therapeutic approaches to advance healthcare, improved diagnostic imaging and biosignal processing as well as basic research in the life sciences to improve our understanding of biophysical phenomena and physiological processes.

Biomedical Engineering (CBME)

CBME 801     Topics in Biomedical Engineering      This course covers the skills needed to plan and present Biomedical Engineering research. Topics include hypothesis and research question generation, literature reviews, statistical methods to design experiments, proposal writing, data presentation and interpretation, information design, scientific speaking and article writing. Instructors: Biomedical Engineering faculty.