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CHEE 400 Technology, Engineering & Management (TEAM)

CHEE 400  Technology, Engineering & Management (TEAM)  Units: 7.00  

Multidiscipline teams of engineering, commerce, law, and/or science students, as appropriate, act as consultants to industrial and governmental clients. Projects include a phase of self-directed problem definition and project scope definition in the fall term, followed by project execution in the winter term. Typical projects involve evaluation of technical alternatives (with an emphasis on health, safety, and environmental), preparation of detailed recommendations, and both market and financial analysis. Project topics vary widely and are provided by a diverse list of fee paying clients. The course includes seminars on project management. There are several meetings during the fall term to organize groups and select projects, but regularly scheduled lectures do not begin until the Winter term. Teams interact regularly with clients at both a technical and a management level, and are also assigned an industrial project mentor. Students master project management skills, by managing their own budget, travel arrangements etc. The course concludes with a comprehensive report and presentation to the client. The course is managed by the Department of Chemical Engineering
K7(Lec: Yes, Lab: No, Tut: No)

Requirements: Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor Corequisites: Exclusions:   
Offering Term: FW  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci  

Chemical Engineering - Master of Applied Science

The minimum requirements to be fulfilled are 4 term courses, a department seminar and a thesis. Two graduate courses must be from within the Department of Chemical Engineering, unless otherwise approved by the research supervisor and departmental graduate coordinator. One term length senior (400-series) undergraduate course, OR one combined undergraduate/graduate course (also known as a double numbered 400/800 course) may be accepted as the equivalent of a graduate course from any discipline for an M.A.Sc. student provided that a) the course is approved by the student's supervisor and b) the student has not received credit for a similar course in their Bachelor's program.

Chemical Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy

Requirements additional to those in the general regulations are as follows. The minimum course requirement for the Ph.D. beyond the B.Sc. is 7 term length courses. Six must be graduate courses. The list of graduate courses taken will be evaluated by the supervisory committee on an ongoing basis and will be reviewed at the time of the oral comprehensive examination.   Only 1 course may be a combined undergraduate/graduate course (also known as a double numbered 400/800 course).

Chemical Engineering - Master of Engineering

The requirements for this program are 8 term length courses or a combination of term length and modular courses to equal 8 term length courses. At least 4 term length courses must be taken from the Department of Chemical Engineering and be entered as primary on the registration form. A maximum of 2 term length 400 series undergraduate courses or double number 400/800 level courses or a combination thereof may be taken provided that: a) the courses are approved by the student's supervisor or graduate coordinator and b) the student has not received credit for similar courses in their Bachelor's program.

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