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CHEE 418 Strategies Proc Investigations

CHEE 418  Strategies Proc Investigations  Units: 3.50  

"The roles of designed experiments and data analysis procedures in process investigations are discussed. Applications of two-level factorial and fractional factorial designs in screening studies and higher-order designs for response surface characterization and exploration are examined. Least squares procedures for fitting and testing mathematical models, and for assessing model predictions, are described.
Empirical in-plant optimization procedures are also considered. Established and evolving approaches for quality and productivity improvement are examined. The design component of this course is the planning and execution of an experimental investigation, the analysis of the resulting data, and the formulation of recommendations on the basis of those results."

Requirements: Exclusion: STAT361. Prerequisite of CHEE209 and CHEE 331, or permission of the department. Must be registered in a BASC Academic Program.  
Offering Term: W  
Offering Faculty: Fac of Engineering Appl Sci